Ilona Katkic


August 14, 2022

Ilona Katkics (Budapest, November 26, 1925 – August 1, 2022) is a Hungarian film director. Member of the secretariat of the Association of Hungarian Film and TV Artists, head of the Children's Department.

His Life Path

He was born to Károly Katkics (1902–1983), a shoemaker, and Irma Adler (1897–1983), a seamstress. Due to the numerus clausus, he could not go to college, so between 1940 and 1944 he attended the Budapest Commercial High School. In 1944, together with his mother, he was taken away by the arrows. Between 1944-1945 she was the secretary of the chief accountant of Rex Pharmaceuticals, between 1946-1948 she was a party worker. Between 1948 and 1954 he attended the Moscow Film Academy. Between 1954 and 1956, he was a film referent of the culture department of the Hungarian Workers' Party, and between 1956 and 1985, he was a staff member of Hungarian Television. He graduated from the Budapest Teacher Training College in 1964. Between 1976 and 1989, he was the director of the Kőszeg children's film review. He retired in 1985. In the beginning, he made news, reports, TV plays, later children's films. His films based on Ferenc Móra's short stories - A kis Bice-Bóca (1967), A Kincskereső kisködmön (1968) - already brought national and international fame and success at the time of their release, and his beloved works and fairy-tale films - The Pancake King, Barátom Bonca, The Little Boy and the lions, Lala the Fairy - are often seen on television screens. The secret of Katkic's art is simplicity: he trusted the story and the actors, he was far from showing off as a director. He worked for children not only with his works, but also with his public activities, as the founder and secretary of the Children's Department of the Hungarian Film and TV Artists Association. The Kőszegi Szemle, held every two years between 1977 and 1991, is also the result of his work as an organizer.

Personal life

Her husband was Ernő Háncs between 1955 and 1964. They had one son: Péter (1956).

His movies

The Coat (1956) Farm in the Storm (1958) Head of the Family (1958) Try it, Daddy! (1959) Wonder Hat (1959) A Window Lights Up (1959) Eight Acres of Land (1960) The Last Mile (1960) Room on the Hill (1961) Onion Roll (1962) Little Bice-Bóca (1964) The Two Crooks (1967) Treasure Hunt (1968) Love (1968) Zsó and Laci I-II. (1968) Locust and the Mosquitoes (1971) The Pancake King I-II. (1973) The Story of My Note Book (1974) Bach in Arnstadt (1975) Csutak in front of the microphone I-II. (1976) My Friend, Bonca (1976) Trickster on Glass Mountain (1977) Lunch (1978) Matyi Makszem (1978) The Boy and the Lions (1979) Sipsirica I-II. (1980) The Seven Spotted Knight (1981) Lala the Fairy (1981) Three Tailors (1982) Sixteen Daughters of Sixteen Cities (1983) Fürkész's Stories (1983) Be Bonca too! (1984) Anna and Anton (1984) The Green Tower (1985) The fantastic aunt I-II. (1986) Golden Age (1986) Candlesticks (1992) How was it?! (2010) The Match (Szeged District Studio)

Awards, recognitions

Outstanding Worker in Education (1966) Munich Prix Jeunesse main prize (1968, 1970) Monte Carlo Audience Cup (1968) Béla Balázs Award (1968) Memorial Medal for Youth (1975) Youth Level Award (1977, 1978) Meritorious Artist (1978) Award of the Bratislava TV Festival (1979) Award for Children (1984) Lifetime Achievement Award of the New Music Foundation (1996) Small Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Hungary (1997) Honorary title for National Defense II. degree (2002)



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