Attila Kelemen (politician)


January 27, 2022

Attila Kelemen, full name: Attila Béla László Kelemen (Târgu Mureș, May 4, 1948 - January 8, 2022) athlete, veterinarian, politician, Member of Parliament. Son of Attila Kelemen doctor.

Studies, career start, work

He graduated from the Bolyai Wolf High School in his hometown (1966) and obtained a veterinary degree in Cluj-Napoca (1971). He started his veterinary profession in Mezőpanit. His work in the literature covers topics related to birds, dogs, animal behavior issues, and animal parasites; several journals (Comunicări de Biologie, Ocrotirea Naturii, Vînătorul și Pescarul Sportiv, Aquila) and the yearbook of the Târgu Mureș Museum published their studies. He appeared in daily newspapers and in the columns of New Life, True Word, The Week, Culture, and Nimrod and the Moving World in Budapest. His poems were published in the Citadel and the Fifth Season. anthology (Târgu Mureș, 1980). Independent volume: Book of Birds (1978). He played a lot of sports at a young age, often finishing first in the country in basketball, gear driving and hunting dog driving. From 1959-61 he was a swimmer at the Harghita Sports Association in Târgu Mureş, from 1961-66 he played on the basketball team of the Bolyai Lyceum, from 1971 he was a driver and then a hunting dog leader. Sports results: 1st place in the national youth championship in basketball (1965); at the school championship II. placed (1966); at the National Youth Championship II. placed (1979-81); From 1965 to 1967, he was a member of the national youth basketball team. National Champion in gear driving 1st place (double tooth); National Champion 1st place (four teeth, 1986-88). Hunting Dog Leader National Champion 1st place (1981-86).


1971–1975 - District Chief Veterinarian in Mezőpanit. 1975–1978 - Chief Epidemiologist of Mureş County. 1978–1988 - District Chief Veterinarian in Mezőpanit. 1988-1991 - United States, New Jersey - Brandon surgeon at a hospital specializing in furlong horses. 1991 - established the Equi-Can veterinary clinic in Târgu Mureş. Since 1997 he has been the district chief veterinarian in Mezőpanit. Vice-President of the Romanian Veterinary College since 1997 (re-elected three times). In 2005 he was admitted to the Department of Agriculture and Forestry of the Romanian Academy. Political activity From 1991 he took part in the work of the Hungarian Democratic Association of Romania, which serves to protect the interests of the Hungarians in Romania. He first worked in the Mureş County organization, and since 1992 within the institution of the national executive presidency, as an official responsible for agricultural and rural development affairs, constantly keeping on the agenda the problems of the farming and rural social strata, which make up a large part of Transylvanian Hungarian society. From the beginning, he was a member of the Council of Federal Representatives, within which he also led the Sicolorum faction of the Novum Forum. Within the Mureş County DAHR, he chaired the Council of Territorial Representatives as chairman for three election cycles. He has been re-elected several times since 2000 and is still the chairman of the Mureş County Organization. Member of Parliament since 1996 (re-elected in the 2000, 2004 and 2008 elections). Until February 2005, he was the chairman of the DAHR faction. Until December 2005, he took part in the work of the General Assembly of the Council of Europe as an alternate delegate to the Romanian Parliament. Until December 2006, he was a member of the European Parliament's Parliamentary Monitoring Group in the Romanian Parliament. Until November 2007, he was a full member of the EU Parliament. Participated in the work of the People's Party in the EU Parliament and the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development until November 2007.

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