Kill Bill 1.


November 27, 2021

The first installment of the two-part American wire-fu action film Kill Bill (Kill Bill: Vol. 1), which was released in 2003. The film was written and directed by Quentin Tarantino, whose fourth film it is. The sequel to the film, Kill Bill 2, was shown in 2004.


Beatrix Kiddo, aka Black Mamba, was a member of an assassination squad. Once she finds out she is expecting a child, she decides to retire. He is about to settle in a quiet little town. However, when the rehearsal of her wedding is held, Bill and his old companions show up to end the lives of the Bride and the wedding people. Beatrix is ​​seriously injured, but she still has the strength to let Bill know she is expecting her child. Beatrix miraculously survives the killing. After four years of coma, he recovers in a hospital. He is preparing for revenge after what happened. Not only has her husband been lost, but her child has also been taken from her, so she will do anything to end her enemies.


Major Acknowledgments

Grammy Award nomination: Best Film Album of the YearSaturn Award: Best Film (Thriller / Action / Adventure category) Award: Best Actress Award - Uma ThurmanBAFTA Award Nomination: Best Actress - Uma Thurman nomination: best visual effectsGolden Globe nomination: best actress - Uma Thurman


When Tarantino learned that Uma Thurman was pregnant, he postponed filming. Thurman's stuntman was Tiger Chen. Kevin Costner was the first candidate for the role of Bill, but he opted for his own directing, Fellow Armed Forces. More than 400 liters of art were used for the large massacre scene. When she goes to Japan after the Bride O-Ren in the film, she wears the same coveralls that Bruce Lee wore in the final stages of The Deadly Game. When he cuts off his opponents ’legs with a sword while spinning on the ground, that scene was also lifted from a Bruce Lee movie, Raging Fist. In it, Lee hits the feet of the Japanese warriors with a nunchak, a gun-like weapon.

Quotes from the movie

“Revenge is never clear. The forest of revenge, it's easy to get lost in it. It's easy to forget where you came from. ” - Hattori Hanzo "If luck smiles on something like revenge, it's not just proof that God exists, but that we are doing His will outright." - Beatrix Kiddo "Revenge is best served ice cold." - old Klingon saying



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