August 13, 2022

Jean Mauduit, stage name Larive [pronounced: lariv] (La Rochelle, August 6, 1747 - Montlignon, April 30, 1827) was a French actor.


He ran away from his parents' house and when he returned, he was sent to the French colony of Saint-Domingue. After returning home, he performed once at the Comédie-Française. He toured the country with various troupes, but in 1775 he became a permanent member of the Comédie-Française and took over most of its roles after Lekain's death. During the Reign of Terror, Larive was also imprisoned, and later retired from the theater and settled in Montmorency. His best roles were Warwick, Orosman, Philoctète and Spartacus. The work Cours de déclamation (Paris, 1804-10) deals with artistic recitation.



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