Leonid Makarovich Kravchuk


May 19, 2022

Leonid Makarovich Kravchuk, in Ukrainian: politеонід Макарович Кравчук (Żytyń Wielki, January 10, 1934 - Munich, May 10, 2022) first head of state. He was a Member of Parliament from 1994 to 2006 and a member of the Ukrainian Social Democratic Party from 1998.


He was born into a poor peasant family in the village of Veliky Zhitin (Polish: Żytyń Wielki) in the then Polish province of Volhynia. His father, Makar Kravchuk, served in the Polish cavalry in the 1930s. His mother Juhimija Ivanyivna Kravchuk (born Melnichuk). Later, they both worked on the lands of Polish landowners. After the Soviet occupation of eastern Poland, his father was enlisted in the Red Army and fought in World War II. He fell in 1944 in what is now Belarus, where his grave is located.

Illness and death

In June 2021, he underwent heart surgery. After the procedure, she was cared for in the intensive care unit for a long time, during which she also received artificial lung treatment. He was only allowed to leave the hospital in September after the surgery. He spent the last months of his life at a clinic in Munich, where his life functions were maintained by machines. He died there on May 10, 2022. His burial will take place in the Bajkove cemetery in Kiev on May 17, 2022.



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