Losail International Circuit


May 21, 2022

The Losail International Circuit is a motorsport racecourse in Doha, Qatar. Its length is 5380 meters, of which the finish line is 1068 meters. It consists of ten right and six left turns. It was made from $ 58 million in nearly a year. It opened in 2004 with the Qatari Grand Prix of the World Motor Speed ​​Championships.

Main competitions

In 2007, the entire course was equipped with high-power lights that also allow for night races. Since 2008, the races of the World Speed ​​Motor Championships have been held by traffic light. Several international cars and motorcycle series also run races here.


External links

The official website of the race track The racetrack at trackpedia.com Archived February 16, 2007 in Wayback Machine Satellite view of the track at maps.google.com