Hungarian Wikipedia


October 17, 2021

Hungarian Wikipedia is the Hungarian version of the Wikipedia open internet encyclopedia.

Getting Started

The first Wikipedia related to the Hungarian language was created sometime between May 20 and September 5, 2001, when Larry Sanger, the then coordinator of English Wikipedia, created the address at the request of an editor, who is still unknown. . At that time, Wikipedia was still using UseModWiki software. This “zero” version, wasn’t really “alive,” totaling approx. It contained 5 sheets and its surface was not translated into Hungarian either. According to the archives, in November 2002, Zoltán Simon tried to move the “zero” version to the new software (Phase III, later MediaWiki). According to the archives, this did not become anything, and no one really dealt with the matter after that. In April 2003, computer scientist Péter Gervai initiated the launch of a newer version of the Hungarian Wikipedia. The national Wikipedia, which still operates today and has a Hungarian homepage, was launched on July 8, 2003 at For technical reasons, the new version did not keep the old database with only a few pages. The first page created was the Home page (then also called the English Main page), followed by a file, the Hungarian logo of the Hungarian Wikipedia, then the Wikipedia: Upload log file, the welcome page, a system page about the article, then about the error reports page was created and then the Sandbox was created. Following this, the first article, entitled GNU Free Documentation License, was created on July 9, 2003 at 8:41 AM. The first non-Wikipedia system or free license page was Omega (ensemble), preceded by its explanatory page (Omega).


Hungarian Wikipedia has about 300 permanent, active editors. Statistics show that as more and more interesting, useful articles are produced, there is an increase in newspaper traffic and many people are encouraged to share their knowledge. Based on the number of articles, the Hungarian Wikipedia, launched in July 2003, ranked 34th out of 39 existing versions in one month, but in 2003 the best result was 30th. In August 2009, it ranked 17th among the 266 Wikipedia language versions created by that time, leaving 249 Wikipedia behind, the best ranking of Hungarian Wikipedia to date. article was published on 17 July 2008, 150,000 on 25 December 2009 and 200,000 on 10 September 2011. The size of the database containing all the articles gives a better description of the content of Wikipedia than the number of articles. Based on this, Hungarian Wikipedia was the 13th largest language version in December 2009. Based on the analysis of 1000 selected articles, in July 2008 the Hungarian version ranked 11th in the Wikipedia ranking. According to the statistics of 1 January, the Hungarian version contained 114,354 articles, an increase of 40% on the previous year (365,338 pages, including other pages), and the total number of edits was 4,864,372 (+ 84%), the number of administrators was 33 (+ 43%), the number of registered users was 78,966 (+ 119%), and 33,289 (+21%) of images and other figures. considered the best articles, which are so-called. They are classified as "featured articles". 100. such an article received this classification at the end of January 2007; As of January 1, 2008, 209 were already considered “outstanding,” and the 300 was established on June 22 of the same year. The 500th high-quality article was voted on June 17, 2010

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