List of rulers of Hungary


May 28, 2022

On this page you will find a list of the rulers of Hungary, which includes the tribal chiefs, the princes of the Hungarian Principality and the kings of the Kingdom of Hungary, divided into royal houses. From the Chief of the Affairs, who ruled around 800, until November 13, 1918, the last Hungarian king, IV. Until the suspension of Károly's rights, it contains the rulers of the Hungarians, the time of their reign, the time and place of their coronation, as well as other additional information. Opponents, regents and claimants to the throne are marked in color. At the end of the list are the governors of the Kingdom of Hungary. Tribal Chiefs and Tribal Leaders (before 895)

Hungarian Principality

Árpád House (895–1000 / 1001)

Kingdom of Hungary

Árpád House (1000 / 1001–1301)

Mixed House (1301–1526)

Přemysl House (1301–1305)

Wittelsbach House (1305–1307)

House of Anjou (1308–1395)

House of Luxembourg (1387-1437)

Habsburg House (1437–1457)

House of Jagiellonia (1440–1444)

Hunyadi House (1458–1490)

House of Jagiellonia (1490–1526)

Szapolyai House (1526–1571)

Habsburg House (1526–1780)

Habsburg-Lorraine House (1780-1918)

On November 13, 1918, in the Declaration of Eckartsau, IV. King Charles renounced his right to participate in state affairs, and on November 16 the first Hungarian republic was proclaimed in Budapest. The counter-revolutionary system that returned after the asteroid revolution and the fall of the Soviet Republic of Hungary first restored the kingdom, in the framework of which Miklós Horthy was elected governor on March 1, 1920. Charles made several attempts to regain power, but on November 6, 1921, the dethronement of the Habsburg-Lorraine house was announced with final effect. The Kingdom of Hungary was abolished in 1918 and re-established two years later. In the absence of the ruler, Miklós Horthy, governor, Ferenc Szálasi, head of state, and Béla Miklós, interim head of state, held the post of head of state. The Habsburg House was stripped of the Hungarian throne four times: in 1620, 1707, 1849 and 1921.


János Hunyadi (1407–1456), governor: 1446–1453 Mihály Szilágyi (~ 1400–1460), government: 1458 Lodovico Gritti (1480–1534), cor: 1530–1534 János Gáspár Ampringen (1619–1684), Governor: 1673–1681 Governor-President Lajos Kossuth (1802–1894): 1849 Archduke Joseph of Habsburg (1872–1962), governor: 1918 Miklós Horthy (1868–1957), Governor: 1920–1944 Time

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