Mercedes AMG F1


May 19, 2022

Mercedes is a German Formula One team that has been a successor to the Brawn GP in the Formula One World Championship since 2010. Daimler owns 45.1% and Aabar 30% (Daimler's shareholder), while Ross Brawn retains the remaining 24.9% of the team. Mercedes was previously in the race series with his own team in 1954-55, when Juan Manuel Fangio became world champion in both years. After returning, they won their first race at the 2012 Chinese Grand Prix through Nico Rosberg. In 2014, the team won the first World Constructor Championship title (which had not yet been evaluated at the time of its 1954-55 performance), and the individual World Cup was also decided between two competitors, Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton, two of whom competed in Hamilton at the end of the year. who is victorious. In 2015, Hamilton and the team also defended their title. In 2016, Mercedes again won both world championships, but this time Rosberg outperformed the two drivers. A few days after his league title, Rosberg unexpectedly announced his retirement. Valtteri Bottas from Williams took his place. In 2017 and 2018, Ferrari proved to be a more competitive rival than before, but Mercedes managed to outdo both seasons and win another world championship with Hamilton. By 2019, Ferrari had fallen somewhat, with Charles Leclerc taking over Kimi Räikkönen as a strong opponent in a couple of races alongside the Red Bulls Max Verstappen, but no one could get them off the throne, Lewis Hamilton won again individually and the team became champion again. They managed to win the year 2020, which was truncated due to Covid-19, with a huge advantage again, this time without any particular challenge. In 2021, the teams used reworked cars from the 2020 cars, which Red Bull made the most of in the first half of the year, with Max Verstappen beating Lewis Hamilton at the end of the year to make the Dutch driver the world champion in the final race of the year, but the constructor’s championship title again became that of Mercedes. From 2022, Valtteri Bottas was replaced by George Russell. The rule changes have not come out well for the team, representing only the third force so far, it looks like they are tied with McLaren behind Ferrari and Red Bull.


Mercedes in motorsport

Mercedes-Benz competed in Grand Prix as early as the 1930s, when the silver arrows raced on rival Auto Unionokkanal. Their silver color is said to have come from scraping paint off cars to reduce their weight. In 1935, 1936 and 1937, Rudolf Caracciola became European Champion with Mercedes. After World War II, they returned to Formula One in 1954, led by Alfred Neubauer. They ran their first race at the French Grand Prix: Juan Manuel Fangio first, Karl Kling second, securing a double victory, while Hermann Lang ran the fastest lap. Fangio won the championship and then won again in 1955, when Stirling Moss was already competing with them. They won six of the 9 races, and Fangio became world champion again. At the 1955 Le Mans 24 Hours, Pierre Levegh flew into the audience in a Mercedes 300 SLR sports car, killing himself and 84 spectators. This greatly contributed to the retirement of the German brand in 1955.

Team predecessors

The team was still running as Tyrrell Racing in the late ’60s. The team was able to celebrate an individual and constructive world title in 1971 through Jackie Stewart, the team’s first and only league title. In 1973, Stewart retired from the team as the holder of another league title. From Tyrrell in late 1998, Jacq