Munkály Munkácsy Award


November 27, 2021

The Mihály Munkácsy Prize is an award for outstanding artistic activity, following in its significance the Hungarian Meritorious Artist Award.


It was founded in 1950, originally to honor great creators in socialist-realist art. Until 1977, the award had three grades. The purpose of awarding the prize and the associated rewards are set out in Decree No. 49/2012. (XII. 15.) of the EMMI. According to this, the Mihály Munkácsy Prize can be awarded for the recognition of outstanding fine art activities and it can be received by up to seven people every year on March 15. The winners are decided by the Minister for Human Resources on the proposal of a five-member committee. The fee was re-regulated on 26/2016. (IX. 8.) EMMI Decree, which, however, has not been amended by the above rules. The 2016 regulation differs from its predecessor only in that the members of the committee proposing the award of the prize have since been requested by the Minister for four years instead of five.

Problems around the winners

After the award of the 2019 prize, the painter Éva Krajcsovics announced her resignation from the professional board of trustees, as she claims that the ministry has changed the list submitted by the board of trustees to an extent that is no longer acceptable to her. According to the board, seven of the 14 artists nominated for the award by the board of trustees did not receive an award in the end, and seven other people were included in the list, including those who did not receive any votes from the professional board of trustees at all. According to him, while a person who was not originally among the nominees also received an award, the person nominated unanimously and in the first place by the professional board of trustees was excluded from the award.


You will receive a certificate and medal as well as a cash prize for the prize. The medal is round, made of bronze, with a diameter of 80 and a thickness of 8 millimeters. The medal depicts the one-page, embossed portrait of Mihály Munkácsy by the sculptor György Kiss and is inscribed with the MIHÁLY MUNKÁCSY PRIZE. The cash prize is thirty times the salary base.


Tibor Budaházi is a painter and a member of the public body of the Hungarian Academy of Arts Ágnes Németh is a fine artist Sculptor Gusztáv Pálfy Varga Patricia Minerva painter Béla Tóth is a sculptor Ferenc Veszely painter András Gál is a painter


Painter Péter Baky is a non-academic member of the Hungarian Academy of Arts Judge Lajos is a sculptor Sculptor János Blaskó Magdolna Fazekas is a painter Sándor Gajzágó is a painter and graphic artist Mihály Kéri is a painter Sculptor Ferenc Lebó is a non-academic member of the Hungarian Academy of Arts


Sculptor Péter Gálhidy, art teacher at the Sculpture Department of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts István Ilyés is a sculptor Juha Richárd is a sculptor Norbert Kotormán is a fine artist Erzsébet Lieber is a DLA artist and associate professor at the University of Kaposvár Géza Mészáros is a painter Tamás Olescher is a painter Annamária Őry is a painter Sculptor Péter Párkányi Sculptor Benő Gábor Pogány Katalin Rényi is a painter and designer Ágnes Sz. Varga is a painter and graphic artist Tamás Péter Takács is a graphic artist Painter László Varga-Amár, teacher of the Szent Gellért Catholic Grammar School


Gyula Balogh is a painter Kinga Hajdú is a teacher of painting and art at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Grammar School of Fine and Applied Arts Nándor Hérics is a designer and graphic artist Tibor Iski Kocsis is a painter and artistic director of the Viltin Gallery DLA sculptor Péter Menasági,

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