German Air Force


January 27, 2022

The German Air Force (German: Luftwaffe) is an independent air force in the German army. The term itself means the air force, which was already used for the country's air force during the Third Reich, but from the beginning of 1956 the FRG took over the name again, and in the spring of the same year the GDR chose another name for its own air force (LSK / LV), which can also be explained by ideological reasons. During the existence of the two states, he was featured in the Hungarian press as the West German Air Force.




He has been the commander of the Bundeswehr Air Force since its inception.


Air Division 1 (Fürstenfeldbruck) 74th Fighter Regiment 32nd Hunting Bomb Regiment 61st Air Transport Regiment 62nd Air Transport Regiment 5th Air Defense Missile Regiment Special Operations Regiment 2nd Air Division (Birkenfeld) 73rd "Steinhoff" Fighter Regiment 31. "Boelcke" Hunting Bomb Regiment 33rd Hunting Bomb Regiment 2nd Air Defense Missile Regiment 4th Air Division (Aurich) 71. "Richthofen" fighter regiment 51. "Immelmann" reconnaissance regiment 63rd Air Transport Regiment 1st Air Defense Missile Regiment




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