National Day


November 27, 2021

A national holiday is a special day on which a country or a nation celebrates its national affiliation. It does not coincide with the National Day of Remembrance. Most countries have one national holiday a year, other countries have more. The national holiday is most often on the day that the state or province has gained its independence. In other cases, the patron saint of the country or an outstanding historical event may become a national holiday. Their national holiday is celebrated as a public holiday by law in each country. The importance of the national holiday and the extent of the celebration varies from country to country. In France, for example, on the national holiday, July 14 (the day of the demolition of the Bastille), the tricolor is set and celebrated throughout the country, and the president also appears in person at the Champs-Élysées in Paris. In the UK, national holidays in individual member states are restrained events without flags. The common national holiday of the United Kingdom is the flag-waving event called Trooping the Color, which is usually held on the second Saturday in June. In the United States, people celebrate the 4th of July celebration with fireworks and barbecues. Most countries have a fixed national holiday, others vary. Jamaica, for example, holds its national holiday on the first Monday in August, which is a commemoration of Monday, August 6, 1962, the date of independence from the British Empire. National holidays of Hungary The Basic Law of Hungary lists the following national holidays: March 15, 1848-49. in memory of the Revolution and the War of Independence August 20, in memory of the founding of the state and the founder of the state, King St. Stephen, is a public holiday of Hungary October 23, to commemorate the 1956 Revolution and War of Independence National holidays National holiday of nationalities and regions Andalusia (Spain): 28 February Catalonia (Spain): 11 September Quebec, Canada, June 24

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