November 25.


November 27, 2021

November 25 is the 329th (leap year 330th) day of the year according to the Gregorian calendar. There are 36 days remaining until the end of the year. World Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women since 1981. Nameday: Katalin + Alan, Alen, Emma, ​​Emmi, Elizabeth, Karen, Karin, Karina, Kata, Katarina, Katerina, Kati, Kitti, Liza, Moses, Katinka


1185 - III. Pope Orban takes office. 1277 - III. Pope Nicholas takes office. 1431 - Sigismund of Luxembourg is crowned King of Italy in Milan (reigns until 1437). 1487 - Princess Maria Sforza Bianka of Milan per procuram (through representatives) marries Prince John Corvin in Milan, son of a bastard born of the relationship of King Matthias I of Hungary with Ms. Borbála Edelpeck and intended to be the successor of her father. (After John Corvin did not become Hungarian king, at the request of the Milan court, the pope annulled the marriage on November 11, 1493.) 1556 - Isabella, widow of King John I of Hungary, is recognized as the governor of Transylvania until she was an adult. 1769 - For the first time in Hungary, professional medical training begins in Eger with 10 students. After the establishment of the medical faculty in Trnava, it ceased to exist in 1771. 1802 - Count Ferenc Széchényi establishes the National Széchényi Library. 1867 - Alfred Nobel patents dynamite. 1893 - Establishment of the Hungarian Ornithological Center (Hungarian Institute of Ornithology) (the world's first such state institute). Its first leader is Herman Ottó, his successor is István Chernel. 1915 - German general August von Mackensen's army wins at Rigómező. The remnants of the Serbian army retreat to Albania. 1915 - Albert Einstein lectures on the general theory of relativity at the Prussian Academy of Sciences. (Published in 1916.) 1918 - Vojvodina is declared part of the Kingdom of Serbia and the Banat Ottó Róth is declared liquidated. 1927 - The Hungarian House of Lords passes a law stating that March 15 will be a national holiday in Hungary. 1936 - Anticomintern pact is signed between Germany and Japan, Italy joins in 1937 and Spain in 1939. 1939 - Gheorghe Tătărăscu is appointed new Prime Minister of Romania following the resignation of Constantin Argetoianu and his government the day before. 1953 - The first group of prisoners released from the Gulag camps arrives in Hungary. 1953 - The Hungarian football team defeats the unbeaten English national team 6: 3 at the Wembley Stadium in London for 90 years. 1959 - Danish diplomat Povl Bang-Jensen, second secretary of the UN Fifth Committee, is shot dead in New York. The circumstances of his death are still unclear, after he refused to publish the list of persons who testified in the Hungarian case. 1963 - Jacqueline Kennedy ignites the light of John F. Kennedy's perpetual candle at the President's funeral. 1969 - John Lennon, a member of the Beatles band, returns his 1965 award. Queen Elizabeth of Britain in protest of Britain’s biafran policy and British government policy in support of US intervention in Vietnam. 1974 - Yasser Arafat begins negotiations in the Soviet Union, recognizing the right of the Palestinian people to form an independent state. 1975 - Suriname (Dutch Guiana) gains independence from the Netherlands. 1992 - The Czechoslovak parliament decides to split the country into the Czech Republic and Slovakia on January 1, 1993. 2007 - The last soldiers in Bulgaria are disbanded. 2007 - Dozens of Russian opposition arrested and beaten by riot police in St. Petersburg ahead of an unauthorized demonstration against President Vladimir Putin. Sports

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