October 13


October 25, 2021

October 13 is the 286th (leap year 287th) day of the year according to the Gregorian calendar. There are 79 days remaining until the end of the year. Nameday: Ede, Kálmán + Ebony, Edgar, Edward, Edward, Edward, Fatima, Fatime, Jagiellonian, James, Jacob, Jacob, Jacob, Caleb, Romulus, Theophil


1235 - Crowned II. The son of King Endre of Hungary IV. Bela 1307 - IV. (Beautiful) King Philip of France arrests, prosecutes, confiscates and executes 2,000 members of the order during a lawsuit against the Knights Templar. This day is considered the historical event from which Friday’s 13th superstition developed. 1382 - II. With the death of King Peter of Cyprus, his uncle James became King of Cyprus under the name of James I, who, however, was in captivity in Genoa until 1385. (Reigns until his death in 1398.) 1399 - IV. The coronation of King Henry of England. 1479 - In the battle of the Bread Fields, the armies of Judge István Báthory, Transylvanian Voivodeship and Pál Kinizsi, Timisoara, destroy the Turkish forces destroying Southern Transylvania. 1489 - King Matthias gives the abbey of Szentgotthárd the right to elect the abbey to the Pilis monastery, thus raising the declining abbey. 1505 - Parliament begins in Rákos Square. 1670 - King Adam Forgách appoints Count Adam as country judge. 1848 - In Törökbecsé (Toronto County), the troops of Major János Damjanich win over the Serbian insurgents. 1860 - The first aerial photograph of a balloon is taken in Boston. (Aerial photography was first practiced by a French photographer-ballooner, Gaspard-Félix Tournachon, known as “Nadar,” in Paris in 1858.) 1917 - In Fátima approx. The Virgin Mary appears in front of 70,000 people. 1925 - Hungary and France conclude a trade agreement based on the most-favored-nation principle. 1937 - The first alarm and dimming air defense exercise is held in and around Budapest. 1938 - The conference in Žilina ends without success, where no agreement is reached on the future situation of Hungarians in Slovakia. 1940 - Endre Bajcsy-Zsilinszky takes over the leadership of the National Peasant Party's newspaper Szabad Szó. 1943 - III. King Emánuel of Italy replaces Mussolini. The new Italian prime minister, Badoglio, dissolves the fascist party, begins ceasefire talks with the allies, and declares war on Germany that day. 1944 - The Hungarian government authorizes city councils to order unheated days. 1944 - Establishment of the KDNP. 1944 - British-American airstrikes against the railway stations of Székesfehérvár, Pápa and Bánhida. 1946 - A revised constitution is adopted in France. Republic. 1953 - Samuel Bagno patents an ultrasonic anti-burglar alarm. 1964 - Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev is replaced by the Central Committee of the CPSU. 1967 - The Microscope Stage opens. 1969 - A succession of Soviet spacecraft, the Soyuz-6, -7, and -8, meet and fly into space. 1970 - Angela Davis is arrested in New York. 1972 - A plane crashes in the Andes with a rugby team on board en route to an international match in Santiago de Chile. Their search will only succeed on December 20th. They survived, eating the flesh of their dead comrades to survive. (A feature film was also made about the case: They Survived). 1976 - Ebolavir is seen for the first time under an electron microscope. 1976 - Aerosmith, then known and popular in the United States, begins its first European tour of Liverpool. 1977 - A German GSG 9 anti-terrorist commando successfully releases a hijacked aircraft called "Landshut" at Mogadishu airport.

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