Pöschl Imre


November 28, 2021

Imre Pöschl Selmeci (Banská Štiavnica, November 25, 1871 - Budapest, March 4, 1963) is a mechanical engineer, professor at the University of Technology, doctor of technical sciences. Uncle Géza Pattantyús-Ábrahám.


His father, Ede Pöschl (1820–1898), was a mining engineer. His son, Imre, graduated from the Royal Joseph Technical University in 1893. Between 1893 and 1995 he was the first teaching assistant to Károly Zipernowsky. At the beginning of 1896, at the end of his study trip abroad, he joined the electricity department of the Ganz factory. Here, from 1899, he was the head of the rehearsal room and then the head of machine editing. From 1917, he participated in the development of the experimental phase change locomotive as an employee of Kálmán Kandó, and then on the basis of this, the new 50-period traction system. In 1917 he became an invited lecturer at the Budapest University of Technology, and in 1920 he was appointed a private teacher there. From 1925 he became a full-time public teacher and the head of the Department of Practical Electrical Engineering, established in 1924. His grave is located at 1-63 plots 1-63 of the Farkasréti Cemetery.

His major works

On single- and multi-phase induction motors (Polytechnic Review, 1907) Influence of ventilation on the sizing of electrical machines (Elektrotechnika, 1909) Industrial application of closed motors (Electrical Engineering, 1911) On the operational safety of electrical machines (Electrical Engineering, 1913) On the operating conditions of electrical machines (Elektrotechnika, 1918) On the change of speed of induction motors (Electrical Engineering, 1926) Electrical Engineering (Józseffel Kellner, I - III., Budapest, 1922 - 26) On Kando's phase-shift traction system (Technique, 1930)



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