Paolo Bacigalupi


August 13, 2022

Paolo Tadini Bacigalupi (Paonia, Colorado, August 6, 1972 –) is an American science fiction and fantasy author, whose best-known work is the internationally acclaimed dystopian novel The Wind Up Girl. In addition to hard-line science fiction, he also likes to write youth novels, of which the most well-known is his novel Shipbreakers, which also has a dark atmosphere.



The Windup Girl (2009, Night Shade Books; Hungarian: 2012, Ad Astra) Ship Breaker (Hajóbontók, 2010, Little Brown and Company; Hungarian: 2013, Ad Astra) The Drowned Cities (2012, Little Brown and Company) Zombie Baseball Beatdown (2013, Little Brown and Company) The Doubt Factory (2014, Little Brown and Company; Hungarian: 2015, GABO) The Water Knife (A vízvadász, 2015, Knoph; Hungarian: 2016, GABO)

Short stories

The Alchemist (Subterranean Press, 2011) with J.K. Drummond.

Short stories

"Pocketful of Dharma" (1999) "The Fluted Girl" (2003) "The People of Sand and Slag" (2004) "The Passover" (2004) "The Calorie Man" (2005) "The Tamarisk Hunter" (2006) "Pop Squad" (2006) "Yellow Card Man" (2006) "Softer" (2007) "Small Offerings" (2007) "Pump Six" (2008) "The Gambler" (2008) "Moriabe's Children" (2014) "Shooting the Apocalypse" (2014) "A Hot Day's Night" (2015)

Short story volumes

Pump Six and Other Stories (Night Shade Books, 2008)


The Alchemist and The Executioness (2010) with Tobias Buckel.


The Wind Up Girl; translation Norbert Horváth; Ad Astra, Bp., 2012 Ship breakers; translation Norbert Horváth; Ad Astra, Bp., 2013 The Doubt Factory; translation Norbert Horváth; Gabo, Bp., 2015 The water hunter; translation Norbert Horváth; Gabo, Bp., 2016

Awards and Recognition

The Wind Up Girl

Hugo Award: September 2010 (jointly with China Miéville's novel The City & the City) Nebula Award: May 2010 John W. Campbell Memorial Award: 2010 Szeiun Award: 2012 (Japanese translated version) Kurd-Laßwitz Prize: 2012 (German version) Compton Crook Award: 2010 Locus Award: 2010 (best debut novel category)

Ship breakers

Michael L. Printz Award and the Locus Award in the Young Adult Novel category.


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