Paul Simon (musician)


October 17, 2021

Paul Frederic Simon (Newark, October 13, 1941 -) is a twelve-time Grammy-winning American singer and songwriter, a member of the former Simon and Garfunkel duo. He is still pursuing a successful solo career.


He was born in the United States of America to the son of a Hungarian Jewish family. His father, Lajos, a college teacher, double bassist and bassist, is a dance band leader borrowed from the pianist Lee Sims, and is said to be the first to play the violin on Hungarian Radio. He later earned a degree in linguistics and a doctorate, taught at university, and died in 1995. His mother lived to be 97 years old, Bella died in 2007, she was a teacher in America. with whom they formed a duo and initially performed as Tom and Jerry. The duo's first work, Hey, Schoolgirl, was released in 1957 under the auspices of Big Records, making it No. 49 on the charts. . From this time come the songs Our Song, That’s My Story, and Surrender, Please Surrender, among others. In 1964, the duo signed with Columbia Records. Columbia Records has decided to simply list them as Simon and Garfunkel. In the same year, they also released Wednesday Morning, 3 AM, which was a relatively unsuccessful, only the song The Sounds of Silence was popular. After the failure, Paul Simon traveled to the UK and pursued a solo career. He performed in rural clubs, constantly improving his musical knowledge, resulting in the birth of The Paul Simon Song Book in 1965, which was published in the United Kingdom. The album included such big hits as I Am a Rock, Leaves That Are Green, April Come She Will, Most Peculiar Man and The Sound of Silence, which he performed with Garfunkel before. he made their joint album without telling any of them, The Sound of Silence remixed their songs, put drums, electric and bass guitars into the song, and then released this version on various radios. The remixed version was such a success that it suddenly topped the charts. As a result, Paul returned to the United States and began playing with Garfunkel again. Simon and Garfunkel The albums Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme and Sounds of Silence were co-released in 1966 and Bookends in 1968. These were followed in 1970 by the Grammy Award for the music of the film Bridge over Troubled Water. Simon started playing music again without Garfunkel and released the album Paul Simon in 1972. In 1973, there was the album There Goes Rhymin, featuring the hugely successful song Kodachrome, followed in 1975 by the solo album Still Crazy After All These Years, which topped the list in America. For the album’s big hit, 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover. He didn’t release Simon for five years, but he got his first film role in Woody Allen’s film, Annie Hall, though he was only seen in two or three scenes. After Annie Hall, Simon played almost himself in One Trick Pony, but the production also failed, as did another solo album of the same title. He also participated in the We Are the World project in 1985, and in 1986 came up with the Graceland album based on South African music.

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