Pavel Alexandrovich Solovyov


October 25, 2021

Pavel Alexandrovich Solovyov (Russian: Павел Александрович Соловьёв; Alekino, June 26, 1917 - Perm, October 13, 1996) is a Russian avionics engineer of Russian nationality who has designed a number of gas turbine jet engines. Solovyov was born on June 26, 1917, in a peasant family in the village of Alekino in the Ivanovo region. In 1934, after graduating from high school, he went to study at the Ribinsk College of Aviation Engineering, named Ordzhonikidze, where he graduated in 1940. The Ribinsk College of Aeronautics was evacuated to Perm in 1940, so Soloviev also followed the institute. In 1940, the OKB-19 design agency for aircraft engines was established in Perm, of which Solovyov also worked. In 1948, he was appointed deputy chief designer of the design office headed by Arkady Dmitrijevich Svecov, and in 1953, after Svecov's death, he was appointed chief designer. The first major work of the design office - and Solovyov - was the D-15 gas turbine jet engine, developed in 1957, which was built into the Miaschev M-50 strategic bombers. In 1960, under his leadership, the first dual-power gas turbine jet engine in the Soviet Union, the D-20P, was designed to be built into the Tu-124 passenger aircraft. Other major engines include the D-25 free turbine engine (for the Mi-6 helicopter), the D-30 dual-stream gas turbine jet engine (for the Tu-134) and the PSZ-90A turbofan engine (for the Il-96 passenger aircraft). Following the break-up of the Soviet Union, the OKB-19 design office was integrated into Aviadvigatyel Rt. Under the name Permi Motorgyár, following a transformation in aircraft manufacturing. He has received numerous accolades for his work. He received the Lenin Order four times and the State Prize in 1968. He was a member of the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union three times. He died on 13 October 1996 in Perm, where a street bears his name today, and a statue was erected to him in Ribinsk.


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