Sándor Rákos


December 7, 2021

Sándor Rákos (Kálmánháza, November 25, 1921 - Budapest, December 25, 1999) Hungarian poet, translator, essay writer, publisher, founding member of the Academy of Digital Literature. Career He completed his high school studies in Hajdúnánás (1932-1937) and Nyíregyháza (1937-1940). His first poems were published in 1940. Between 1942 and 1944 he attended the University of Economics. Between 1944 and 1945 he was an employee of the Hungarian People in Nyírség. He moved to Budapest in 1946: he worked in the press department of MOKÉP until 1949. Between 1949 and 1951 he was the editor of Révai and then of the Fiction Publishing House. Freelance writer since 1951.

Your work

His first volumes were characterized by a tragic, rebellious tone, an expression of the absurdity of life. He saw the island’s own world created as a chance of survival. His lyric is characterized by the Protestant psalm voice. He translated Akkadian cuneiform epics and poems. From the second half of the 1970s, he created a new genre of cast. The Csörte collection (1991) wrestles with old age to shape the summation of a life.

His works

Prince of Bujdosók (novel, 1943) The Eb Answers (verses, 1949) Manhood (verses, 1952) In the Court of Fire (verse, 1957) The March of the Poor (verse 1959) Towards the Light (verse 1959) Trees in a storm. Selected Poems 1939-1961 (1962) Pounding, the hammer thief. Old people; ed. Sándor Rákos, Miklós Mészöly, Margit G. Beke; Móra, Bp., 1962 (Storybook of Little Buddies) Expanding Circles (Poems, 1965) Seven Green Stars (children's poem, 1969) A cry of silence (verses, 1969) Naked Face (selected poems, 1971) Little Boy Abroad (tales, stories for children 1971) The Present of Memory (Poems, 1973) Rotating sky. Diary, studies; Magvető, Bp., 1974 Studies on literary translation; ed. Sándor Rákos; Association of Hungarian Writers, Department of Literary Translation, Bp., 1975 Inviting lamb; poem] Sándor Rákos, drawing by Gabriella Hajnal; Móra, Bp., 1977 Counterpoints (verse, 1979) Fighting the Bird (poem, 1980) Literary translation today. Studies; ed. István Bart, Sándor Rákos; Gondolat, Bp., 1981 Social monologue (poem, 1982) Asking for fire. Collected poems; Fiction, Bp., 1984 Lizard Palace (children's poem, 1984) The king and the astronaut. Tales of Gilgamesh and Etana; Móra, Bp., 1985 Myself (verse, 1986) Addresses (verse, 1988) ABC. Poems by Sándor Csoóri, András Fodor, Béla Horgas, László Márton, Sándor Rákos. Typographies of Tibor Szántó; Kner Ny., Gyoma, 1988 Between Two Poems (Prose Writings, 1990) Csörte (selected poems, 1991) Nobody's going anywhere. Poems; Downtown, Bp., 1996 Susanna and the elders. Morality - that is, a moral parable. Version for Old Testament melody; Littera Nova, Bp., 1997 (Masters Series) Selected poems by Sándor Rákos; afterword Gergely Angyalosi; Unikornis, Bp., 1998 (Treasury of Hungarian poetry) Situational practice; Magvető, Bp., 1999 If you peek inside the garden gate. Poetic alphabet for little ones, bigger ones; Littera Nova, Bp., 1999 The rebellion of the lamb. Biblical and god-searching verses; ed. Monika Szentpál, Ede Tarbay; Szent István Társulat, Bp., 2001 Halfway through. From the notebooks of Sándor Rákos left behind; ed. Saint Paul Monica; Littera Nova, Bp., 2002 Nyírség of Sándor Rákos. Excerpt collection; ed. András Bakajsza, László Szilágyi; Municipality of Kálmánháza, Kálmánháza, 2016

Literary translations

The Epic of Gilgamesh (1960) The message of clay tablets (1963) V. Nezval: ABC (1965) Dancing in the wavy sea. Poetry of the peoples of Oceania; ford. Sándor Rákos, ed., Ed. Tibor Bodrogi; Europe, Bp., 1976

Awards, recognitions

József Attila Prize (1958, 1963, 1975) Silver Degree of the Order of Merit (1971) Golden Degree of the Order of Merit (1978) Smoke Milan Prize (1981) Tibor Déry Award (1988) The Art Fund Literary Nag

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