Red Bull Racing


May 19, 2022

Red Bull Racing is an Austrian Formula One team owned by the Red Bull energy drink factory. The other team in the company is Scuderia AlphaTauri (formerly Scuderia Toro Rosso). The team debuted at the 2005 Australian Grand Prix. They are currently competing with an Austrian license. Between 2010 and 2013, they also won four individual and constructor world championship titles with Sebastian Vettel. In the turbo era starting in 2014, their performance declined further, but they were there among the top three teams throughout (with the exception of 2015). Their current pilot line-up is Max Verstappen from the Netherlands and Sergio Pérez from Mexico. In 2021, they earned their fifth individual championship title through Max Verstappen The team competed with Cosworth engines in 2005, Ferrari in 2006, Renault from 2007-2018, and Honda engines from 2019 to 2021.

History of Red Bull Racing

The beginnings

The team’s direct predecessor is the Stewart Grand Prix, founded in 1997 by Jackie Stewart. In late 1999, he sold it to Ford Motor Company, which raced it as Jaguar Racing. Then in 2004, Ford decided to sell the unsuccessful but costly team. It was purchased by Dietrich Mateschitz, owner of the energy drink company Red Bull. The team was thus able to stand there at the start line at the 2005 Australian Grand Prix as the successor to Jaguar, now in the blue-silver colors of Red Bull energy drinks. Red Bull was not unfamiliar with the royal category of motorsport, as they had previously had their logo on Sauber, Arrows and predecessor Jaguar cars as sponsors. After starting his own team, Red Bull, of course, terminated its contract with Sauber (Arrows had already expired in 2002). The beverage company also appeared in the Formula-3000 race series and its successor, GP2, and has a European talent search program called Red Bull Junior Team. Later Formula One riders were also selected from the program; Enrique Bernoldi, Christian Klien, Patrick Friesacher, Vitantonio Liuzzi and Scott Speed ​​have already competed in the king category.

The 2005 season

The new guard’s team boss, Christian Horner, acquired McLaren-driven David Coulthard, and the other car could still be driven by Christian Klien, who arrived at Jaguar for the 2004 season with the support of energy drinkers. According to the team leaders' original plan, Klien and Vitantonio Liuzzi, the 2004 Formula One 3000 series champion, could have alternated in three races in the second and third car sessions, respectively. he could start three cars), but Liuzzi ended up in only four races in the end. Scott Speed, one of the discoverers of Red Bull’s talent search program, was featured in the third car at the Canadian Grand Prix and the U.S. Grand Prix. The 2005 racing car, the Red Bull RB1, was built on the foundations of the already-paper Jaguar R6. The team used the weakest Cosworth engines and Michelin tires during the season. The car wore a blue-silver paint on Red Bull energy drinks. The season got off to a good start for the Guard, with Coulthard finishing fourth and Klien finishing seventh at the season-opening Australian Grand Prix, earning 7 points in Red Bull Racing’s first race. Although no such good result was achieved this season, Coulthard took fourth place again in the clean competition at the European Grand Prix and Klien finished fifth in the season-ending Chinese Grand Prix. The team was consistently strong enough to score throughout the season, with David Coulthard being reborn with reality behind the wheel of a blue car after a failing year in 2004, scoring 24 points as in 2004 with McLaren. The difference is m