November 28, 2021

Sveriges riksdag or Riksdagen (a.m. Parliament) is the unicameral parliament of Sweden.


Speaker Andreas Norlén (since 24 September 2018) Number of members: 349 members Election: Members are elected for four years Last election: September 9, 2018


The Riksdag is a democratic parliament. He can pass laws, amend the constitution, and appoint a government. Under the new form of government (introduced in 1974), the task of forming a government was revoked from the king and handed over to the Speaker of the Riksdag. Any constitutional change must be passed by parliament twice, in two consecutive election periods.

Current composition


After discussions with parliamentary parties, the Speaker is appointed by the Speaker (Swedish: Statsminister). The prime minister then forms the government, which is passed by parliament. Parliament may, by a majority vote, compel any member of the government to resign. If they vote against the Prime Minister, the whole government resigns and the process starts all over again.


Swedish MPs usually follow the line of their party when voting. Almost never has a party been able to get more than 50% of the vote, so they have been forced into minority or coalition government. There are usually two big blocs: left and right, or socialists and non-socialists (conservatives / liberals).


Members of parliament are elected in national elections for 4 years. The election was previously held on the third Sunday in September and, since 2013, on the second Sunday in September. Swedish citizens over the age of 18 can vote. A party must reach at least 4% to get into parliament.


The roots of the modern Riksdag can be traced back to 1435, when the Swedish nobility gathered in the town of Arboga. This was changed by King Gustav I in 1527 so that all four strata of society were present: the nobility, the church, the townspeople, and the peasantry. This form (called the Ständestaat) was retained until 1865, when the modern bicameral parliament was established. As it failed to function, the unicameral parliament was restored in 1920.

More information

Sveriges Riksdag - Official Website

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