Robert Golob


May 21, 2022

Robert Golob (Šempeter pri Gorici, January 23, 1967 -) Slovenian politician, businessman, electrical engineer, leader of the Freedom Movement Party. He received his doctorate in electrical engineering from the University of Ljubljana in 1994. He then continued his studies as a Fulbright Scholar at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta. He later moved back to Slovenia, where he served as Secretary of State in the Ministry of Economy from May 1999 to June 2000, and then into the business, he founded an electricity trading company called GEN-I, which he chaired until 2022. Golob was a member of the Positive Slovenia Party led by Ljubljana Mayor Zoran Janković, then left it in 2013 and joined the Alenka Bratušek movement, who was Prime Minister of Slovenia from March 2013 to September 2014. For a short time, Golob was the vice president of the party. After being removed from the company’s presidency in 2022, he decided to take an active role in politics. He ran in January 2022 for the non-parliamentary green party, Z.Dej, which he won. His first action after his election was to change the name of the party to the Freedom Movement and transform it from a green party to a left-wing, liberal formation. The party was the first to compete in the 2022 election and won it with 34.54% of the vote, so Robert Golob is expected to be Slovenia’s next prime minister, replacing Janez Janša, a right-wing populist with minor breaks.



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