György Sebők (football player, 1948)


July 5, 2022

György Sebők (Mórahalom, August 24, 1948 – Szolnok, June 21, 2022) is a championship bronze medalist Hungarian footballer, defender, coach.


Education of the Szolnok MTE. In 1968, during his military service, he became a player for Kaposvár Táncsics. In 1972, he signed a contract with the Rába ETO team from Szolnok. Between 1972 and 1975, he was a footballer of the Győr team. He made his debut in the top flight on September 17, 1972 against EOL Szeged, where his team won 4–1. After three successful seasons, he signed a contract with the second division MTE Szolnok. He appeared in a total of 85 top league matches and scored two goals.

His successes, awards

Hungarian championship 3.: 1973–74



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