László Sipos (painter)


August 14, 2022

László Sipos (Cluj, July 23, 1943 – Felvinc, August 2, 2022) is a Hungarian painter and graphic artist from Transylvania. Member of the Fine Arts Department of the Hungarian Academy of Arts (2005).

His Life

He pursued advanced studies at the Ion Andreescu College of Fine Arts in Cluj, where the esthete László Földes and the philosopher György Bretter were his teachers. As a student at the vocational school of the glass factory in Torda (1970–1978), then in the 6th grade. in elementary school (1978–1983), later he taught at the local children's club. Between 1990 and 1992, he worked as a graphic designer in the editorial office of the newspaper Helikon in Cluj. He was a member of the Association of Romanian Artists and the Miklós Barabás Guild, which was reorganized in 1994. He lived and worked in Felvinc, an exhibiting artist since 1969. In his art, he followed the traditional Nagybánya style, but often deviated from it, he depicted part of the subject of his paintings in the objectified world of pop art, pasted, montage, with sarcastic grotesqueness, the area is undulating in the 20th and 21st centuries. century. He has illustrated many books with his graphic works, he has more than 70 volumes behind him, and his rich pen drawings draw readers' attention to values.

His exhibitions (selection)


Cluj (1969, 1970, 1976, 1990, 1996); Marosvásárhely (1971); Bucharest (1972); Nagyvarad (1976); Brasov (1989); Makó (1996, 2001, 2002); Pécs (2003); IKE Gallery, Torda, (2006) Hungarian Cultural Institute in Bucharest (2010, Bucharest).


Autumn Exhibition of the Miklós Barabás Guild (1997, Marosvásárhely) Contemporary Hungarian Gallery (1998, 1999, 2000, Dunaszerdahely, Slovakia) House of Hungarians (2000, Budapest) Apáczai Gallery (2011, Cluj) Museum of Fine Arts Cluj (2017)[1]


László Sipos: Cartoons for adults. Csíkszereda: Pallas-Akad., 2009. 45 p.

From his illustrated volumes

People in the summer night: Story cycle / Frans Eemil Sillanpää; [translated by Irén N. Sebestyén] / [illustrations by László Sipos]. – Bratislava: Madách; Budapest : Europe, 1977 Gyoma : Kner Ny. – 191 p. Mátyás, the never-been king / József Solymár; [... the illustrations are the works of László Sipos]. – Cluj: Tinivár, 1994. – 88 p. Memorial book Sándor Reményik / [collected. and the text is a problem. Réka Kisgyörgy] ; [... or László Sipos]. Cluj: Transylvanian Fine Arts Guild, 1998. 147 p. Eternal homeland: Hungarian history in verse / [vol. Zoltán Bartha and Ferenc Kádár] ; [or László Sipos]. Cluj: Tinivár, 2001. 391 p. : or Our most beautiful folk ballads / [choice and go to press. ... Irén Fodor] ; [... or László Sipos]. 2. ext. publishes. / separate Mihály Krisztina. Cluj: Tinivár, 2003. 259 p.

Awards, recognitions

Miklós Barabás Guild Painting Award (1997) Sándor Szolnay Award (2004) Knight's Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Hungary (2011)

Corporate Membership

Miklós Barabás Guild Association of Romanian Artists



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More information

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