University of Sopron


July 5, 2022

The University of Sopron (abbreviated: SoE) is a foundation-maintained private higher education institution with its headquarters in Sopron, which was established on the foundations of the University of Forestry and Wood Industry, which existed between 1962 and 1996. The University campus is located in the middle of a botanical garden in a wonderful environment. The institution is committed to sustainable, environmentally friendly operation, which approach is given great emphasis in research and taught subjects, as well as increasingly woven into everyday operations. The training and research activities of the forestry and wood industry have a European reputation and are unique nationally. Based on the above approach, the "Green University" of Hungary is fully committed to all initiatives that serve economic, social or natural sustainability. This attitude is conveyed by the University's "Naturally With You!", which focuses on the individual and nature. also its motto.


In 1735 III. Károly founded the legal predecessor of the institution in Selmecbány as the Mining Officer Training School. In 1762, Mária Terézia created the foundations of academic training, and in 1770, after the creation of three departments, she raised the institution to academic rank (Selmeci Academy). In 1807, the Chamber of Finance and Mining of the Court of Vienna decided to establish the Forestry Institute, which began operating in 1808 under the leadership of Henrik Dávid Wilckens, and actual education began in 1809. After the educational reform of 1846, the school was named the Mining and Forestry Academy. In 1918, after Selmecbánya was occupied by Czech troops, the Academy moved to the interior of the truncated country, first to Budapest, and then to Sopron in 1919, under the leadership of the then rector, Géza Réz Richter. In 1921, the youth of the college took an active part in the I. and II. In the Battle of Ágfalv, when the Austrian gendarmes, who wanted to occupy Sopron and its surroundings in accordance with the Trianon Peace Treaty, were driven out of the area around the city. As a result, the conditions for the Sopron referendum were created, as a result of which Sopron and its surroundings could remain Hungarian. The Faculties of Mining Engineering and Smelting Engineering were moved to Miskolc in 1949, where they became faculties of the Technical University of Heavy Industry, supplemented by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering; today it continues to operate under the name Miskolc University. Today, the Faculty of Mining Engineering is called the Faculty of Technical Geosciences, and the Faculty of Smelting Engineering is called the Faculty of Materials Science. After the fall of the revolution in 1956, a large number of university lecturers and students emigrated, the majority of whom continued their studies in Hungarian within the framework of the Sopron Division established in Vancouver, Canada, within the organization of the University of British Columbia, and obtained a forest engineering diploma. The University of Forestry and Wood Industry was established in 1962. From 1996, the new name is Sopron University. The policy aimed at the rationalization of Hungarian higher education, the conscious development of the university, and the cooperation in the city and the region led to the creation of the university of the region, the University of West Hungary, based in Sopron. On January 1, 2000, the University of West Hungary began operating with its headquarters in Sopron and 7 faculties. On January 1, 2008, the University of West Hungary was re-established with the merger of the 3 faculties of the former college in Szombathely. From July 1, 2014, the organizational units of the University in Székesfehérvár joined the ÓE From 2015, the dual/traditional mechanical engineering program will start within the Faculty of Science and Technology. From January 1, 2016, the University's organizational units in Győr and Mosonmagyaróvár joined SZE in Győr. In 2016, the dual mechatronic engineering training program started in Sopron. From February 1, 2017, the decision of the National Assembly