Freedom Movement (Slovenia)


May 19, 2022

The Freedom Movement (Slovenian: Gibanje Svoboda), formerly the Green Action Party (Slovenian: Stranka zelenih dejanj; Z.DEJ), is a Slovenian political party that defines itself as a center-left and represents the ideals of green politics and liberalism.


Its founding congress took place on Saturday, May 8, 2021. It was founded by Slovenian politician Jure Leben and its formation was announced in January of the same year on Studio City. The party is seeking a balance between industrial progress and environmental protection through environmental measures. Jure Leben has been elected first president and Gregor Erbežnik as vice president. In January 2022, the leadership of the party was taken over by Robert Golob, who changed the name of the party to the Freedom Movement.

The goals of the party

The party's work focuses on freedom, green transition, open society, trust, respect, a culture of dialogue and responsible cooperation. In his introductory speech, Jure Leben mentioned the closure of the Velen coal mine and the protection of forests. The party would also introduce a tax on non-recycled plastics while promoting sustainable modes of transport, decarbonisation and decentralization in Slovenia. According to Leben, Slovenia should be among the 20 most competitive countries listed by the World Economic Forum. As a social measure, the party also prioritized public health care and the expansion of health professionals, the reform of the education system, and the digitization of schools.



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