World Conservation Union


August 14, 2022

The World Conservation Union (in English: World Conservation Union or International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources, abbreviated IUCN) is an international organization created to preserve natural values. It was founded in 1948 and is headquartered in Gland, Switzerland. 81 countries are members at the state level, but a government agency or non-governmental organization has joined it from a total of 145 countries, and 77 international organizations cooperate with it. Its main task is to encourage and help the preservation of biodiversity and the moderate use of natural resources, and the maintenance of ecological systems.


Classification of protected areas

Ia - Strict Nature Reserve (strictly protected area) A land and/or sea area that has a unique or characteristic ecosystem, a special geological environment or wildlife. Primarily open to scientific researchers. Ib - Wilderness Area (wilderness) A large area of ​​untouched or barely affected natural environment, without a permanent or significant population. II - National Park (national park) An area whose ecological uniformity must be preserved for the present and the future for generations; which must be protected from all kinds of agricultural and industrial exploitation; and where it is possible to carry out not only scientific, but also educational and leisure activities. III – Natural Monument (memorial park) One or more areas that preserve specific, unique or very rare natural or cultural value. IV – Habitat/Species Management Area (special habitat) Endangered area that ensures the protection of the habitats of species. V – Protected Landscape/Seascape (protected landscape) An area whose uniformity must be preserved due to the natural or cultural values ​​found there. VI – Managed Resource Protected Area (protected reserve) An untouched natural area in which the diversity of species is long to be preserved in the long term, but it is also possible to use natural resources in a way that does not harm the ecological system.

Classification of endangered species


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IUCN website IUCN International Red List

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