Tiger Chen


November 28, 2021

Tiger Hu Chen (Simplified Chinese: 陈虎, Traditional Chinese: 陳虎, Pinyin: Chén Hǔ, Hungarian: Chen Hu; Chengdu, March 3, 1975 -) is a Chinese martial artist and actor. Patron of Yu Wo-pheng (Yuen Wo Ping), teacher and friend of Keanu Reeves. He was Uma Thurman’s stuntman in Kill Bill 1.


Chen was born on March 3, 1975 in Chengdu, Sichuan, where he studied Chinese martial arts. He joined the Sechuan Wushu Team at the age of 18. He won the National Youth Martial Arts Competition in China. Tiger Chen went to the United States when he was 19, where he lived in a small log cabin. He said, “At least in China, you can practice kung fu and take part in martial arts competitions, but in the United States, you wash or bite most of the time.” Chen Yun Wo Ping (Yuen Wo Ping) became a student of a Hong Kong martial artist. He began his film career in 1998 by working on the choreography team as an assistant to Yuen in The Matrix. They then became friends with Keanu Reeves. Chen has been a choreographer in Charlie’s Angels (2000), Once in a Life (2000) and Kill Bill 1 (2003). Tiger Chen plays a small role in The Matrix - Reloaded (2003), the second film in the Matrix trilogy. In 2005, he appeared as a martial artist at Fury House alongside Anthony Wong, Gillian Chung, Stephen Fung and Charlene Choi. In 2012, she starred alongside Kung Fu Man, Vanessa Branch and Jiang Mengjie. After minor roles, Chen starred in A tai chi fighter, starring alongside film director Keanu Reeves and Karen Joy Morris and Simon Yamm.



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