Velez Olivia


November 28, 2021

Olívia Velez (Budapest, May 8, 1951 - Budapest, November 21, 2021) is a Hungarian actress.


After graduating, he performed in a pantomime company in Szeged. He graduated from the Budapest College of Theater and Film Arts, where he attended between 1971 and 1975. After that, the Gergely Csiky Theater in Kaposvár was contracted. From 1979 to 1986 he was a member of the MAFILM company. He married director László Vámos in 1976. From their marriage, two children were born: Nora (1977) and Hedda (1981).

Stage Roles

Ibsen: The Enemy of the People (as Petra) Lillian Hermann: Old-Fashioned Games (Lily) Brecht: The Caucasus Chalk Circle (as Governor) Chekhov: Cherry Orchard (as Sarlotta Ivanovna) Zsigmond Móricz: Relatives (in the role of Magdalene) Euripides: Bakkhan Women (1st Semiconductor) Agatha Christie: Mousetrap: (Miss Casewell) János Kerekes- Tibor Barabás - Béla Gádor: State Department Store (Gizi)

Movie and TV roles

Golden Calf (TV, 1974) By the time we get older (TV series, 1978): Czipra King Lear (TV, 1978): Cordelia Long live equality! (1980): Ilka, daughter of Count Ábrányi Where Was Where Was Not (1987)

Synchronous roles

Stagecoach: Lucy Mallory (Louise Platt) Lady without camellias (La signora senza camelie) Who is who? (Kdo je kdo)



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