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January 21, 2022

Wikimedia Commons (short for Commons or Wikicommons, pronounced: Wikimedia Commons) is a catalog of free and free images, sound recordings, and other multimedia files, one of the Wikimedia Foundation's multilingual projects. Files uploaded to Wikimedia Commons are available for all projects running on Wikimedia servers, such as Wikipedia, Wikibooks, or Wikinews, and with appropriate settings for all MediaWiki-based websites. The language used in the interface can be changed in the user settings. The pages are being translated, part of the interface is also available in Hungarian, for example the Home page. The project started on September 7, 2004, and the number of uploaded media files reached ten thousand in November of the same year. On June 21, 2017, the media library exceeded the 40 million mark. This project used MediaWiki software version 1.4 for the first time.

Copyright protection

Wikimedia Commons does not permit the posting of non-proprietary material, including material that is restricted for commercial use. Fall under “fair use”. Acceptable licenses include GFDL, certain versions of Creative Commons, and the public domain.


Commonson has three options for recognizing high quality images. One is the priority image poll, which has been running since November 2004, where images are nominated and voted on or rejected by members of the community. Featured images can be found on the Commons main page, and the Hungarian Wikipedia will also make them on the front page. Since June 2006, you can also vote for quality images, this procedure is somewhat simpler than for featured images. In addition to Wikimedia Commons users, images (such as NASA) can be voted on as a featured image, and only images taken by Commons users can be voted on as quality images. The third proceeding was launched on 1 June 2008, entitled "Valuable Images". While the technical quality of photography / production is monitored for highlighted and high-quality images, in this case, the value of that image to the community and to the illustration of the article matters. Since 2007, the Picture of the Year poll has also been held every year, with the participation of the previous year's featured pictures.


January 4, 2003: 1 media file October 4, 2004: 1000 media files May 24, 2005: 100,000 media files March 25, 2006: 500,000 media files November 30, 2006: 1 million media files October 9, 2007: 2 million media files July 16, 2008: 3 million media files March 4, 2009: 4 million media files September 2, 2009: 5 million media files January 27, 2010: 1 million registered editors and 8 million pages January 31, 2010: 6 million media files July 17, 2010: 7 million media files January 1, 2011: 8 million media files February 23, 2011: 9 million media files April 15, 2011: 10 million media files December 4, 2012: 15 million media files January 25, 2014: 20 million media files March 11, 2015: 25 million media files January 13, 2016: 30 million media files November 30, 2016: 35 million media files June 22, 2017: 40 million media files February 25, 2018: 45 million media files October 7, 2018: 50 million media files March 17, 2020: 60 million media files July 19, 2021: 75 million media files

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