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October 25, 2021

Message Board Sections

Administrative staff

Administrators message board - look for them if you need to block, restore, or protect pages, if you need to edit MediaWiki namespace pages, and so on (or if you have no idea where to turn). Bureaucrats Message Board - the location for requests to change the editorial ID and set editorial rights. Message boards for different types of requests: renaming requests; applying for a right of way; requesting editorial rights; requests for revocation of rights. IP Checkers Message Board - A space for IP check requests when there is a suspicion of sock abuse.

Editors with special permissions

Patrol Message Board - A wall of recent changes for patrols. OTRS Editors Message Board - A platform for tracking permissions.

Public Service Providers

Botgers Message Board - type here if you want to exchange a link or word in hundreds of articles with WP robots. Mentor Message Board - If you would like the help of an experienced editor, write here! Template message board - everything that is a template and what is behind it. Gurus running SQL - here you can request database queries.

Hungarian message boards and workshops on enwiki

The message board of Hungarian Wikipedians coordinates Hungarian topics and editors on English Wikipedia. There are several Hungarian workshops on enwiki that are worth visiting: en: Wikipedia: WikiProject Hungary; en: Wikipedia: WikiProject Hungarian culture; en: Wikipedia: WikiProject Historical Hungarian counties - (workshop closed in 2011); en: Wikipedia: WikiProject Former countries / AH task force - deals with the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. See European editors in Europe, among others: en: Category: Wikipedians in Hungary.

Commons Hungarian message board

The Hungarian pub wall of Commons serves to bring together editors who are busy on Wikimedia Commons and help with their problems. Wikidata Hungarian message board You can post to the Hungarian editors of Wikipedia: Wikidata in the Lounge.

See also

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