Wikipedia: Administrators


October 25, 2021

What is the mandate about? Administrators are selected by the community to protect the project from unwanted external interference or to facilitate the development of the project technically or otherwise. To do this, the Wiki software gives them an option that other editors do not have: delete button, restore or restore modified content, page protection button, and finally a technical option for editing in the MediaWiki namespace that affects the entire Wikipedia interface. Administrators can suspend the editing rights of other editors for a short or long time, ie block them. In addition to using these tools, administrators do not have special powers, but are equal to all other editors in terms of responsibility for content. Some say the title of the post isn’t even accurate, because it actually only covers editors who have more licenses than others, simply because they were elected by the community and because they took on the task. There are few parts of the MediaWiki program that are not accessible to anyone, but these are very important for maintaining the functionality of Wikipedia. Additional options for administrators are discussed in the following chapters. Caretakers can also play a role in the administration of Wikipedia.

Scope of activity

Page protection

Edit certain parts of the home page and protected pages. Since the homepage is one of the most obvious targets for vandals, it is not possible to edit it directly; requests for changes may be indicated on the discussion board. Protect tabs and unlock. Pages are only very rarely closed, you can read more about this in the page protection policy.

Delete and Restore

Deleting tabs with their full history • This is covered in more detail in the Deletion Guidelines and in more detail in the Administrator's Guide. You can suggest that you delete pages completely after reading the deletion policies completely on the Suggested Pages page. Deleting sometimes involves only a technical task, such as removing a redirect left after a renamed or misspelled page, or deleting a blank page before renaming. Other times, pages may be deleted because their content simply contains cricket or the cut materials are infringing. Viewing Deleted Sheets and Possible Restoration • This is the rarest case, an already deleted sheet can be initiated for restoration based on the Restore Vote tab.


Quickly restore tabs. When an administrator views your edits, they have a link that looks like [restore]. This allows you to restore the status of the entry to the last version not created by the indicated editor (or anonymous IP) with the message (XY edits restored to the last version of ZY) in the summary. This speeds up the recovery of cards collapsed by anonymous vandals. Of course, this is just a simplification, as anyone can restore cards to their previous state.

Implementing Wikimedia Council decisions

Administrators are required to implement the decisions of the Wikit Council.

Blocking and Enabling

Administrators can block IP addresses, address ranges, editors from Wikipedia; for a specified period or until revoked; as well as being able to undo this. Blocked addresses are shown in the block list. Blockings are often the result of bans by the community. The ban is about the ban policy

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