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October 25, 2021

KoriMMD many times

Houstpen (talk | ed. | Deleted edits |). He is also KoriMMD.– Fromiadrian debate October 15, 2021, 20:08 (CEST) Someone is canceling the RTL Klubos edit because I have already restored it twice.– Fromiadrian discussion October 15, 2021, 20:34 (CEST) +1 Spectrum (television transmitter) - Fromiadrian debate 15 October 2021, 20:46 (CEST) @Fromiadrian: when restoring vandalism, there is no 3VSZ, in the future, if you see one, feel free to restore it several times. --PallertitcoC 20 October 2021, 18:54 (CEST) All right.Fromiadrian debate 20 October 2021, 19:04 (CEST)

Closing TMB by deletion against consensus

Kinga Lukáts vs Júlia Borbála Horváth

Lukáts Kinga (talk | edit | deleted edit |) Júlia Borbála Horváth (discussion page | | links | | | | | | |) The above editor is damaging the above article again. I warned him after his afternoon cancellations, but he started again tonight. The newspaper history of the article bears witness to even more vandalism on its part. The TMB of the word also shows his impulsive and unpredictable behavior. - Debate on 20 October 2021, 21:12 (CEST) I would keep half an eye on it in an article that I do not rule out: @ Lukáts Kinga: made a catastrophic mistake when blurring the life stories of two people because of the barely different name and date of birth. He also exacerbated his possible mistake by writing the athlete’s career of the article himself with the editorial summary that he had more information from credible sources. Thanks. The consequences of the alleged error were further aggravated by the fact that he did not admit that he was wrong and that the two persons had nothing to do with each other, but tried to anoint him by suggesting at TMB that it might be just a matter of identity. Then he tried to delete it again, but he gives no source or explanation as to what were the "authentic sources" on the basis of which he himself claimed earlier that Júlia Borbála Horváth had previously had a successful athletic career. It is no coincidence that many "if" and "presumed", because to this day we do not know for sure that the two people are the same or different. What we know: Júlia Borbála Horváth so the day is exactly ten years later than that of Júlia Horváth rower, coach Who is who in Hungarian sports? c. in the lexicon article (1962-04-12). The other thing we can be sure of is that the rowing name of Júlia Horváth has never been described anywhere before, giving her the first name Borbála. King Lukáts should be persuaded to profess color. Palace-friendly debate 20 October 2021, 23:51 (CEST) In any case, if I believe the infobox, in the picture there, which according to the description sheet was made in 2017, we see the subject at the age of 55. Sunglasses, of course, make it harder to judge age, but to me, the person in the picture looks much younger, which confirms his palace-friendly suspicion. - The debate on Malatinszky, 21 October 2021, 00:28 (CEST) I'm sorry to say, because I don't know if I'm eligible to write here, but I think it's possible that the lady is 55 years old. Based on the characteristic jaw line, he is also featured in this picture. I apologize one last time for saying something I have no right to. ᑭᗩᗷᒪ O_E ᒪ_ᑕ I ᑕᒪ IᔕTᗩ dɐlɐʇıʌ 21 October 2021, 00:43 (CEST) Conceivable. In the meantime, I found this, where it says that "Júlia Borbála Horváth was initially a professional athlete, then a musician - saxophonist -, an anthropologist." The photo in the article is also on, but Yvola Bazánth is also there.

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