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October 25, 2021

Imagine a world where everyone has free access to the totality of human knowledge. We also committed ourselves. - The vision of the Wikimedia Foundation

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The aim of the Wikimedia movement is to make knowledge and culture public property; to this end, all users involved in Wikimedia projects must be given broad authority to freely distribute and re-use their contributions by anyone (provided that the distributor / re-user identifies the source and gives the same authority for his or her own modifications). Therefore, for texts that are copyrighted, you must agree to their Creative Commons Attribution! - So pass it on! 3.0 (Unported) (CC-BY-SA) under license. For compatibility reasons, you must also place them under the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL) (without version number restriction, non-changeable sections, cover text, and back cover text). Reusers can choose which license they want to comply with. Please note that these licenses permit the commercial use of your contributions as long as such use complies with the terms of source designation and sublicense. As an author, you agree that the source code may be used in any of the following ways: a) a clickable link ("link") to the article (s) used or, if this is not possible, their internet address (URL), b) a link ( if not possible, URL) to an alternative, stable online copy that is freely available, complies with the license, and identifies the authors in a manner equivalent to the author designation of this website, or c) a list of all authors. (You can filter out very small or irrelevant contributions from the author list.)

Importing text

If you wish to reproduce text that you have found elsewhere or created with others, you can do so only if it is available under terms compatible with the CC-BY-SA license. You do not have to ensure or guarantee that the text you receive is also available under the GFDL; however, be aware that you may not receive information that is only available under the GFDL. In other words, you may only accept text that is either (a) subject to a single license term compatible with the CC-BY-SA license, or (b) that is subject to a license under the GFDL and another license license compatible with the CC-BY-SA license. has a dual license. If you receive text under a compatible license that requires attribution, you must reasonably identify the author (s). Where such markings are usually made through page histories (such as when copying within Wikimedia), the source markup in the editorial summary, which is recorded in the page history, is sufficient. Regardless of the license, the imported text can be rejected if the required source designation is considered too intrusive.

Information for non - text contributors

Non-textual content is available in Wikimedia Foundation projects under various licenses that support the overall goal of unrestricted reuse and distribution. The terms of such licenses can be found in the Wikimedia Foundation Licensing Policy. Each community can explain and refine these requirements.

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