Wikipedia: Patrol recent changes


November 29, 2021

Things to do

The patrol basically consists of three steps: Identify "bad" and "fixes" edits patrols can effectively filter out problematic edits. An edit is considered to be a bad edit if it needs to be completely undone for some reason. Edits to be edited require modifications to meet Wikipedia requirements, which may be technical or content changes. Restore or repair edits edits to be corrected should be marked with the appropriate template (e.g. {{form}} (?), {{editor}} (?)), or even boldly modified immediately. Bad edits should be similarly flagged or deleted immediately. Since no one is happy about it being deleted, it is very important that the edit summary describes in any case, preferably on the discussion board, why the restore took place. Editor Alert if intentional vandalism, inattention, or obvious ignorance of Wikipedia is the cause of the incorrect editing, you may want to leave a message on the discussion page of the user making the problematic edit to clear up any misunderstandings. This will prevent further bad edits in the case of the novice editor and make the “relapses” visible to other patrols as well. For efficiency and uniformly worded, polite but accurate warnings, standard warning templates can be used (see below).

Changes with the introduction of candidate page variations

In the old system, FV patrols worked based on the recent changes page. With the introduction of the candidate page versions, this has changed so that new patrols will also have to pay attention to the obsolete checked pages page, and if we get to the point where all our pages will be checked, it will be almost exclusively necessary to follow the outdated checked pages for spam / vandalism / test to screen an offending quadruple. Potentially there, it will be possible to pinch the missteps of fresh and / or unregistered editors, because recent changes also show changes to confirmed editors that patrols do not have to follow (since confirmed editors are given confirmed status precisely because we know they are not spam, vandalize, test and not copy infringing content).

Page changes to restore

Trial edits for beginners (weird, seemingly pointless edits that don't qualify as vandalism). Restore such edits and leave a message in the {{test}} (?) Or {{test-a}} (?) with one of the message templates, but don't bite the beginners' heads. Be sure to sign the message. More severe or repetitive destructive edits should be considered vandalism and treated accordingly. Spam, ie external link (s) placed for advertising purposes. If they appear in new articles, suggest deleting the article immediately; if you want to modify existing articles, simply restore the edit. Please warn the editor that what you are doing is against Wikipedia's rules. Allegedly infringing content (copied from other websites, external sources without the permission of the original author). Restore such edits. For new pages, replace the entire contents of the page with the {{infringing}} (?) Template (properly configured), and simply restore the existing contents if the existing page is suspected to be infringing. Be sure to indicate in the editorial summary why you are doing this, and leave a message to the sender of the content of uncertain status in {{don't copy}

INSERT INTO `wiki_article`(`id`, `article_id`, `title`, `article`, `img_url`) VALUES ('NULL()','Wikipédia:Friss_változtatások_járőrözése','Wikipedia: Patrol recent changes','Be sure to indicate in the editorial summary why you are doing this, and leave a message to the sender of the content of uncertain status in {{don't copy}','')