Wikipedia: Sandbox


October 25, 2021

Nowadays, fax and telephone are the way to go. rekabogi is a playful tars who loves to sand on cheerful days and loves when they fall on the sand na csumi <3


He who pears silage dandelions puddles radishes for wages. - (public treasure) Category: navigation templates

filthy hair

filthy hair is good, love and good to eat. filthy hair can be found and caught on the bed and in other places. it is known to be quite silky and tactful. it usually occurs in the morning in your bogi bed. later it can be found in all kinds of beds and you can play with it. she loves hot places and loves to hide. a lot of stuff is soft and soft in the head of today. during the day it is finally everywhere: in the jacket, pocket, dress, chair, mouth, eye and mouse hole as well. sometimes he curls up and snuggles between his fingers. na cso reka and we were bogi :) how do you eat shit? so. reka & bogi tutorial .: let's start with the beginning. grab a pan and a toilet. first go down the outside of the toilet then press your rumen. and before you sit down on the toilet, loosen your pants, not to mention feces. when you have finished lying down, stand up and take it out into a dose. then mix with a fork and then take a taste of it to see if you still need to incorporate material. and if you already want to eat feces then be sure to do it in the evening / night, because then the stuff is the worst. when you're done huzz up a respirator, grab two bags and a hair band. then put the sacks on your duck and rubberize your wrist. take out the remaining two, (if left untreated) and bring a bottle of rajecos to fill with hot tap water. grab a liquid soap, then push a kilo of it into the dose, then start jamming with your hands and oblits it down with water (do this process strictly on the balcony / terrace). if it's a cake, take it to the bathroom and let it water and jam it in the same way and the cake is ready. it flows beautifully like a slide. if it's ready it's already clean, like a baby pop. you can do this shit :)

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