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October 25, 2021

Dear Visitor! The number of featured articles is currently: 1,037, meaning about every 500 articles are featured. Features of a featured article: Gives a taste of the best Wikipedia articles. It is formally and beautifully written; its content is accurate, reliable and, as far as possible, consistent; his attitude and tone are neutral. See how can I write a good article? and finished article guides on how to create quality articles. Accordingly: "Well written" means that his style, vocabulary and grammar are impeccable, "comprehensive" means that the subject is elaborated in its entirety and that no important facts or details are missing, "accurate and reliable in its content" means using only factual, well-documented sources and including those sources (see verifiability); (see structure of articles); and the sources are provided with cite templates (e.g. cite web, cite book, etc.) It can often be beneficial to use quotes, footnotes (see: check your information!) By "permanent" we mean that the content of the article does not change significantly from day to day and that there is no major debate around it (see: avoid personal attacks!), “neutral tone” means that the objectivity and factuality of the article is beyond dispute (see neutral point of view). The format of the article is in line with Wikipedia's editorial guidelines (see stylistic guide) and, if any, the recommendations of a related workshop (workshop). The main aspects are: the introductory section briefly summarizes the essence of the article and serves as an introduction to further detailed explanation of the topic, the section headings and subsection headings are appropriately hierarchical, the table of contents contains all important sections but is not oversized Images with short captions and appropriate licenses in the appropriate places illustrate the text (however, an entry may be highlighted without images) The article is neither too long nor too short, focusing strictly on the marked object without going into unnecessary detail. If there are other more detailed articles explaining certain areas of the topic, you will collect them in a portal-like way, and in addition to their links, you will also give a short summary of them. See Wikipedia: Summary Style Other useful considerations can be found in describing the level of article evaluation called “quality”. Related articles Wikipedia: List of featured articles

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