Wikipedia: Pub wall (for beginners)


October 25, 2021

Approve fixes Dear Mentors! I know you have a lot of pages waiting to be checked, but if you have time, please approve my corrections at the University of Sopron. Thanks! ~ Bidiia / * to stop? * / In late 2006, at the age of 62, I started some Wikipedia articles. Now, at the age of 77, I am experiencing that my father’s biography is in dangeró_Károly_(engineer) deleting threatens my dad’s very old ID picture - I can’t handle it anymore (where is common sense here?): It wasn't a problem for a long time. I can no longer keep up with the changes. Banks and phone companies come up with something great every six months (!!!) important new "security" - not exactly the complications of the elderly. I may not be able to do anything soon. After vaccination, the Certificate of Protection organizing IT scandal, impossible for the elderly to deal with, spa, swimming pool Question: What about such "elderly" problems in the Wikipedia environment? (a series of deletions that cannot be prevented?) Please reply only in eMail, I can still handle it ([email protected]) Thank you, Regards Tamás Szabó Allowing changes in the wkipedia article of József Móczár I made a Wikipedia article for József Móczár, I made additions using internet resources, but I need the help of a patrol to make the changes allowed and appear on Wikipedia. best regards - SiposBéla1945 Mentor search: Butterfly discussion My topics on Wikipedia: A few words about my background: I’m asking for a mentor next to me, these are my editing issues: I don’t have editing on the net. @vitorla tried to help but doesn't answer my further question. It’s like he’s gone. I’m asking for a mentor who will tell you step by step without any explanation of what I should do. Butterfly debate October 9, 2021, 05:44 (CEST) You edited it in the sandbox. Not very lucky, there you can at most try, experience things. Rather, you edit on your proof sheet, it remains, and you can then move it to the namespace. You can find the test page on your own page, there is a test page link at the top. You write there, and when you're done, you can rename the page to include it in wikipedia articles. Then don't forget to delete the contents of your test page. Tombenko debate October 9, 2021, 11:35 (CEST) Mentoring: Andronicus Discussion My topics in Wikipedia: Genealogy A few words about my background: I mainly research the families of the Árpáds, the Habsburgs and the Radziwille ... I'm asking for a mentor, these are my editing problems: Writing an article, I have a topic, I have problems with the format.

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