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October 25, 2021

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Advanced: Statistics Wikipedia: Milestones - round articles Growth statistics Wikistats 2 Number of unique visitors compared to other Hungarian sites (Gemius, last measurement: April 2010) From which countries do you read Hungarian Wikipedia • which Wikipedia do you read about HungaryMost visited pages, broken down by day, month and year Increase in the number of articles on a graph WikiRank: automatic quality analysis of articles List of longest titles and other pages Statistics of good articles Advanced: Audit statistics

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Wikipedia compared + similar list Number of visitors by month Wikipedia Interactive Statistics Geocoordinate Maps: Shows the density of geocoordinates. Wikis ranked by traffic and searches (last updated: August 2009) Multimedia Health WikiScan - a multifunctional tool with a wide range of statistics

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Statistics on the history of a page Attendance Attendance (new)

Editorial Statistics

Statistical portal Editors Stats: by total number of edits based on the number of editions per year based on monthly edits a list of editors with at least 100 edits, a list of the first 1000 editors, list of inactive editors Service Commemorative Medal Patrol statistics based on the annual inspection number based on monthly inspection number Statistics of Hungarian administrators last month Query administrator statistics Custom edit counter Userviews (article views by editor)

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