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October 25, 2021



→ Three reset rules.

A, Á


→ administrator.

admin war

Two or more administrators undo / reset each other's administrative operations (delete, page protection, block) more than 1 time. The 1 rule applies to administrative operations. English name: wheel war.


Primarily a Wikipedia maintenance and troubleshooting editor with trusted responsibilities and privileges in a single vote, who has access to special technical tools such as. delete entire pages, exclude users, lock pages for more or less time, and who can edit so-called MediWiki pages and other protected pages. Its activities are regulated by editorial decisions and guidelines, but within the framework of these, it must make independent decisions in order to eliminate disturbances and ensure smooth work.Other names: admin, sysop.

Administrators Message Board

The editors' messages here tell administrators about issues that do not require wider publicity for pub walls, but require additional technical options for administrators, such as renaming tabs where the target name is already taken. Content issues related to the editing of articles are not included, but it would be the case if, during editing or discussion, a party repeatedly and seriously violates the standards of editorial conduct. Abbreviation: WP: AÜ


A state of mind that Wikipedists can sometimes fall into and / or fall into. Although it typically applies to administrators, the condition is also observed for non-admins. Its exact causes are unknown, but it can certainly be linked to widespread and prolonged anti-vandalism activity.


Your own customizable signature. According to the wiki, it is necessary that you sign your comments on discussion pages (other non-article pages, such as Wikipedia namespace pages). This is a very important part of Wikipedia communication: it helps all participants follow the comments and understand the dialogue.


A category that is in another category. The category of Hungarian doctors, for example, is a subcategory of doctors.


Pages with / (slash) in the name. Such tabs behave specifically in certain namespaces (such as editorial tabs) and perform a kind of grouping function. However, they should be avoided in the main namespace. You can read the detailed description on this page.


The technical template, which implements template unification, can be used to display the messages at the beginning of pages / articles in a uniform format and with a conventional color system.


→ image note.


An anonymous (anonymous) editor that can only be referenced based on the IP address that appears in the page history. Anonymous editors do a tremendous amount of useful work on Wikipedia, although there are anonymous vandals among them, but according to all statistics, the vast majority of anonymous editors are useful.

small change

Function used for editing. By ticking it, you can indicate that you have not significantly changed the content of the article - such as correcting spelling mistakes or minor reformatting or rearrangement of the text. Usually, the changes are reviewed by several people and possibly further modified to form a consensus; the changes

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