Zakk Wylde


January 27, 2022

Zakk Wylde (born Jeffrey Phillip Wielandt, (Bayonne, New Jersey, January 14, 1967) is an American guitarist. He became a world star in the late 80's when he joined Ozzy Osbourne. frontman of the ensemble singer-guitarist.

Early years

She grew up in Bayonne with a sister named Amy and then the family moved to Jackson. As a toddler, he was interested in football, he was a linebacker (one of the middle defenders in American football). At the age of 11, he even met Jack Lambert (a former linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers) at a summer football camp. He started playing the guitar at the age of 8, but he only seriously started playing the instrument at the age of 14. Then a guy named Leroy Wright showed him how to play Back in Black from AC / DC. “From then on, I was only interested in being the best. I didn't have a problem with scaling then. ” He attended high school at Jackson Memorial High School. Around this time, he also practiced 10-11 hours a day. His first band was Stonehenge. Their repertoire included Black Sabbath, Cream, Ozzy, and Rush songs. His main influences are Tony Iommit, Eddie Van Halen, Randy Rhoads, Steve Morse, Michael Schenker, Gary Moore, Yngwie Malmstein, Al Di Meola, John McLaughlin, Paco de Lucia, Dimebag Darrell, Jimmy Page, and Frank Marino he holds, but he also praises the guitarists of Shadows Fall and Lamb of God. After Stonehenge, he played in a band called Zyris in clubs around New Jersey.

On Ozzy's side

Rock photographer Mark Weiss sent the recording to Osbourne on which he plays Ozzy songs. Based on that, Ozzy had already made the album No Rest for the Wicked with him. Zakk thus became a well-known and acclaimed guitarist who played in Ozzy’s band until 2010. He also released a record solo with Derek Sherinian as a guest and with the Black Label Society.


In the early years of his career, he used Gibson copies, but after graduation, he received enough money from his parents to get a real Gibson as well. He has been loyal to the brand ever since. Although he is a technically trained guitarist, his trademark still has serious riffs and trademark-like vibration technique. The Zakk Wylde signature model has been available for a long time thanks to Gibson. He has been married to Barbaranne Caterina since 1985. They have three children: Hayley Rae, Jesse John Michael and Hendrix. He is a big fan of bodybuilding.


Pride and Glory

Pride and Glory (1994)


Book of Shadows (1996)

Derek Sherinian

Inertia (2001) Black Utopia (2003) Mythology (2004) Blood of the Snake (2006) Molecular Heinosity (2009)

Black Label Society

Sonic Brew (1999) Stronger Than Death (2000) Alcohol Fueled Brewtality (2001) 1919 Eternal (2002) The Blessed Hellride (2003) Boozed, Broozed, and Broken Boned (DVD) (2003) Hangover Music Vol VI (2004) Mafia (2005) Kings of Damnation 98-04 (2005) Shot To Hell (2006) The European Invasion - Doom Troopin 'Live (2006) (DVD) Skullage (2009) Order Of The Black (2010) Catacombs of the Black Vatican (2014) Grimmest Hits (2018) Nuns and Roaches: Tasty Little Bastards (EP) (2019) Doom Crew Inc. (2021)

Ozzy Osbourne

No Rest for the Wicked (1988) Just Say Ozzy (1990) No More Tears (1991) Live and Loud (1993) Ozzmosis (1995) Down to Earth (2001) Live at Budokan (2002) Black Rain (2007)

Other appearances

Stairway To Heaven / Highway To Hell (1989) Bill Ward - Ward One: Along the Way (1990) Dweezil Zappa - Confessions (1991) LA Blues Authority (1991) Britny Fox - Bite Down Hard (1991) Guitars that Rule the World (1992) C.P.R (1992) Stevie Salas - The Electric Pow Wow (1993) Blackfoot - After the Reign (1994) Stairway to Heaven Tribute (1997) Carmine Appice's Guitar Zeus 2 (1997) Hard Pressed

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