Ali Nashir Muhammad


January 20, 2022

‘Ali Nashir Muhammad al-Husaini (Arabic: علي ناصر محمد الحسيني); l. 1939) was the 2nd president of the People's Democratic Republic of Yemen. He served as Chairman of the Presidential Council from 26 June 1978 - 27 December 1978. In April 1980, South Yemeni president ‘Abdul Fattah Isma’il resigned and went into exile. His successor was ‘Ali Nashir Muhammad who was less interventionist towards North Yemen and nearby Oman. On January 13, 1986, bloody violence began in Aden between ‘Ali Nashir’s supporters and Ismail’s returning supporters. The fighting lasted for more than a month and thousands of victims fell, Ali Nashir was killed, and Ismail died. Muhammad’s tenure lasted from April 21, 1980 to January 24, 1986. About 60,000 people, including ‘Ali Nashir, fled to North Yemen. He was succeeded by Haidar Abu Bakr al-’Aththas. Muhammad was a member of the National Liberation Front (FPN) as well as the Yemeni Socialist Party (PSY) after PSY was formed from a coalition of FPN and other parties.


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