January 14


January 20, 2022

January 14 is the 14th day in the Gregorian calendar.


1301 – The rpád dynasty in Hungary ends with the death of king Andrew III. 1539 - Spain annexes Cuba. 1639 – The Fundamental Orders, the first constitution governing government, are written in Connecticut. 1690 - The clarinet is invented in Nuremberg, Germany. 1724 – King Philip V of Spain abdicates the throne. 1761 – The Third Battle of Panipat breaks out in India between the Kingdom of Afghanistan under Ahmad Shah Durrani and the Kingdom of the Marathas. 1784 – United States Revolutionary War: Ratification Day, the U.S. Congress ratifies the Treaty of Paris with Britain. 1814 - Treaty of Kiel: King Frederick VI of Denmark cedes Norway to Sweden in exchange for the territory of Pomerania 1822 – Greek War of Independence: The Acrocorinth is captured by Theodoros Kolokotronis and Demetrios Ypsilantis. 1858 - French Emperor Napoleon III escapes an assassination attempt. 1907 – A tectonic earthquake in Kingston, Jamaica kills more than 1,000 people. 1911 – Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen and his South Pole expedition team land at the eastern end of the Ross ice shelf. 1943 - F. D. Roosevelt becomes the first President of the United States to use an airplane while in office (Miami, Florida to Morocco). 1943 – World War II: Japan begins Operation Ke, successfully evacuating its troops from Guadalcanal during the Guadalcanal Campaign. 1943 – World War II: Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill start the Casablanca Conference to discuss war-winning strategies. 1950 - A prototype (prototype) of the Soviet Union MiG-17 jet fighter makes its maiden test flight. 1953 – Josip Broz Tito is sworn in as the first president of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. 1954 - Joe DiMaggio marries Marilyn Monroe. 1972 – Queen Margrethe II of Denmark ascends to the throne. 2000 - A United Nations court sentenced to 25 years in prison for 5 Bosnian Croats who massacred more than 100 Muslims in a village in Bosnia Herzgovina in 1993 2004 - Georgia's national flag, dubbed the Flag of the Five Crosses, is adopted again after a hiatus of approximately 500 years. 2004 - TVXQ's first album was released. 2005 - The European Space Agency's (ESA) Huygens spacecraft lands and conducts investigations on the surface of Titan, one of the moons of the planet Saturn. 2008 - There is an attack on the Serena Hotel in Kabul, Afghanistan. 2010 - Yemen declares open war against the terrorist group Al-Qaeda. 2011 – Tunisian President, Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, flees to Saudi Arabia after a series of mass demonstrations against his regime and its corrupt policies, demanding freedom, human rights and democracy, considered the anniversary of the Tunisian Revolution and the birth of the Arab Spring. 2016 - Jakarta was rocked by a bomb terror, the bomb exploded in front of the Sarinah Building on Jalan MH Thamrin accompanied by a shootout between the suspected terrorist and the local police. 7 people died.


83 BC – Mark Antony, Roman general and politician (d. 30 BC) 1875 – Albert Schweitzer, German physician, missionary, and musician and recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize (d. 1965) 1973 - Djenar Maesa Ayu, Indonesian writer 1990 - Gracia Indri, Indonesian actress 1994 - Kai, a member of the boy bands EXO and SuperM 1997 - Francesco Bagnaia, Italian MotoGP rider 1998 - Cindy Yuvia, member of Indonesian idol group JKT48


1742 – Edmond Halley, English scientist (b. 1656) 1898 - Lewis Carroll, English author and mathematician (b. 1832) 1984 - Ray Kroc, American fast food entrepreneur (b. 1902) 2016 - Alan Rickman, British actor (b. 1946) 2021 - Sheikh Ali Jaber, Heart Failure (b. 1976)

Holidays and anniversaries

1975 - Hijri New Year 1395. 2014 - Birthday of the Prophet Muhammad SAW 1435 Hijri. International Kite Day13 January - 14 January - 15 January

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