August 12, 2022

1965 (MCMLXV) was a common year starting on Friday of the Gregorian calendar, the 1965th year of the Common Era (CE) and Anno Domini (AD) designations, the 965th year of the 2nd millennium, the 65th year of the 20th century, and the 6th in the 1960s. The 1965 denomination for the year has been in use since the early Medieval period, when the Anno Domini calendar era (the Common Era) became the common method in Europe for naming years.



28 June - Kompas daily began to be published September 30 - Movement of the 30-S Uprising October 16 - Disbandment of the PKI and its mass organizations October 27 - Suspension of SOBSI activities Nationalization and takeover of all foreign companies in Indonesia Massive demonstration condemning United States aggression against Vietnam USIS is closed all over Indonesia SK Menpen RI No. 17/SK/65 banned 21 daily and weekly in Jakarta and Medan which were considered pro-communism Jakarta-Phnom Penh-Peking Axis Inflation in Indonesia reaches 600% Efforts to form an armed unit called the Fifth Force II Asia-Africa Conference in Algeria General Council Issues and the Gillchrist Document Formation of Action Commands from various groups and organizations Cleaning up PKI elements within ABRI and government agencies November 19 - First Arab president's visit to Israel


February 18 - Gambia's Independence March 10 - MacDonald House bombing: Two members of the Indonesian Operations Command Corps, Harun and Usman, set a time bomb in a densely populated area of ​​Singapore April 28 - US invades the Dominican Republic 26 July - Maldives becomes independent from Great Britain August 9 - Singapore officially secedes from Malaysia December 30 - Ferdinand Marcos becomes President of the Philippines


January 9 - Rhoda Griffis, US actress March 16 - Utut Adianto, Indonesian chess player May 2 - Mandra, Indonesian Betawi comedian from Ciracas, East Jakarta. May 16 - Mehmet Murat ldan, Turkish novelist 18 May - Tarcisius Dewanto, Indonesian Catholic priest (d. 1999). June 4 - Mick Doohan, Australian motorcycle racer June 5 - Michael E. Brown, United States astronomer June 21 - Yang Liwei, Chinese astronaut October 1 - Mia Mottley, Barbados politician December 8 - Munir, Indonesian activist (d. 2004) December 10 - Ardy Mustache


January 24 - Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (b. 1874) March 18 - Farouk of Egypt, King of Egypt (b. 1920) July 7 - Moshe Sharett, second Prime Minister of Israel (b. 1894) August 27 - Le Corbusier, Swiss architect (b. 1887) October 1 - Ahmad Yani October 1 - MT Haryono October 1 - Karel Satsuit Tubun October 1 - Katamso Darmokusumo October 1 - IN Panjaitan October 1 - Pierre Tandean October 1 - Siswondo Parman October 1 - R. Suprapto October 1 - Sutoyo Siswomiharjo October 2 - Sugiono November 2 - Rasuna Said February 21 - The Murder of Malcolm X October 21 - Paul Muller, Swiss chemist.

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