December 6, 2021

1993 (MCMXCIII) was a common year starting on Friday of the Gregorian calendar, the 1993th year of the Common Era (CE) and Anno Domini (AD) designations, the 993rd year of the 2nd millennium, the 93rd year of the 20th century, and 4th in the 1990s. The 1993 denomination for the year has been in use since the early Medieval period, when the Anno Domini calendar era (the Common Era) became the common method in Europe for naming years.


The inauguration of Suharto and Try Sutrisno as President and Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia was followed by the formation of the VI Development Cabinet during the 1993-1998 term of service. Bill Clinton was sworn in as President of the United States from 1993-1997. The transfer of SCTV's operational base from Surabaya to Jakarta. January 3 - Start Two Agreement. March 1 - Founding of ANTV. April 19 - The FBI attacks the Davidian Sect. 24 May - Free Eritrea. June 27- US attacks Baghdad. July 25 - Israel invades South Lebanon. September 5 - Construction of the World's Largest Mosque in the Casablanca area, Morocco. September 13 - Gaza peace agreement memorandum - Ariha. October 4 - Action by supporters of the Russian parliament building.



January 1 - Jon Flanagan, English footballer. January 12 - Zayn Malik, member of One Direction. January 12 - Do Kyungsoo (D.O), member of EXO January 20 - Federico Cartabia, Argentine footballer January 29 - Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Japanese singer, model, blogger, & entrepreneur. January 30 - Jessyca Stefani Auryn, Indonesian actress, former member of Cherrybelle.


February 1 - Harry Styles, member of One Direction February 12 - Jennifer Stone, American actress. February 16 - Mike Weinberg, American actor. February 17 - Marc Marquez, Spaniard. February 19 - Victoria Justice, American actress and singer. February 21 - Davy Klaassen, Dutch football player


March 9 - Suga, member of South Korean idol group BTS March 10 - Jack Butland, English footballer. March 11 - Siti Gayatri, former member of Indonesian idol group JKT48 and former member of Princess March 11 - Yasmine Wildblood, Indonesian actress. March 15 - Kezia Karamoy, Indonesian actress, member of Cherrybelle. March 15 - Paul Pogba, French footballer. March 18 - Urassaya Sperbund, Thai actress. March 23 - Kim Hyun Woo, Korean Actor March 31 - Stefanny Margaretha Aay, Indonesian female actress and presenter, former member of Cherrybelle.


April 1 - Keito Okamoto, member of the Japanese boy band Hey! Say! JUMP. April 4 - Samir Carruthers, Republic of Ireland footballer. April 20 - Selvi Kitty, Indonesian dangdut singer. April 23 - Rina Chikano, member of the Indonesian idol group JKT48 from Japan April 30 - Renèe Walfrodge Timothy, American female model.


May 2 - Huang Zitao (Tao), member of EXO May 2 - Isyana Sarasvati, Indonesian actress and singer. May 9 - Ryosuke Yamada, member of the Japanese boy band Hey! Say! JUMP May 5 - Pachara Chirathivat, Thai actor. May 13 - Debby Ryan, American actress. 13 May - Fica Islami, Indonesian Actress and Model May 14 - Miranda Cosgrove, American actress and singer. May 21 - Luke Garbutt, English footballer.


June 2 - Ellen Nita Vindriana, member of Cherry Belle. June 3 - Sabrina Gonzalez Pasterski, United States graduate student in theoretical physics. June 18 - Dicky Muhammad Prasetya, SM*SH personnel. June 20 - Sead Kolašinac, Bosnia and Herzegovina football player June 26 - Ariana Grande, American actress and singer. 28 June - Elvira Devinamira, Miss Indonesia 2014


July 9 - Brigitta Cynthia, member of Cherry Belle. 11 July - Jürgen Locadia, Dutch footballer 23 July - Adam Maher, Dutch footballer July 26 - Elizabeth Gillies, American actress.


August 1 - Leon Thomas

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