Abdul Sajid Tamrin


January 20, 2022

Dr. H. Abdul Sajid Tamrin, M.H. or abbreviated as U.S. Tamrin (20 November 1952 – 13 January 2022) was a bureaucrat and politician of the National Mandate Party who served as Mayor of Baubau City for two terms, namely 2013–2018, and 2018–2022. He has been in office since January 30, 2013 after being inaugurated by the Governor of Southeast Sulawesi, Nur Alam at the Baruga Palace of the Buton Sultanate. Tamrin grew up in the Buton Palace Fort area. After completing his education at STM Negeri Baubau, he earned a bachelor's degree from the Jakarta Institute of Government Science. He earned a doctorate in government science from the Institute of Domestic Administration with cum laude honors in 2017. He received the Satyalancana Karya Satya 30 Year award in 2009, Cultural Figure from the Heritage City Association in 2015, and the Inspirational Regent from 7 Sky Global Media. As a bureaucrat, he served as Head of the Regional Office of the National Land Agency (Kakanwil BPN) Jambi. Lastly as an echelon II official, he served as Director Development of Community and Institutional Resources for the National Land Agency of the Republic of Indonesia (BPN-RI) since 2009 until retiring in 2012.


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