United Kingdom Air Force


January 20, 2022

The Royal Air Force (RAF) was an air force created by the United Kingdom towards the end of the First World War on 1 April 1918. Following the victory over the Central Powers in 1918, the RAF at that time emerged as the largest air force in the world. . Since its formation, the RAF has played a major role in British military history, particularly during the Second World War in its most famous military campaign, the Battle of Britain. The RAF describes its mission as" ... to provide an "agile", adaptable and capable Air Force, person per person, second to none, and made a decisive air force contribution in support of the British Defense Mission". Today, the RAF comprises a wide variety of aircraft including: fighter aircraft, attack aircraft, early warning aircraft, ISTAR and SIGINT intelligence aircraft. , aerial refueling aircraft and strategic and tactical airlift aircraft. Most of the RAF's aircraft and personnel are based in the UK, and many others are actively serving in military operations (particularly in Iraq and Syria) or at long-established overseas bases (Ascension Island, Cyprus, Gibraltar and the Falkland Islands). While the RAF is the UK's main air force, the Royal Navy's Fleet Air Arm and Army Air Corps also provide an integrated air force force into the maritime, coastal and land environment.

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Notes and References