Askar Mamin


January 20, 2022

Askar Uzakbaiuly Mamin (Kazakh: Asqar Uzaqbaıuly Mamın born 23 October 1965) is a Kazakh politician who is currently the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan. He served as the first deputy prime minister from September 9, 2016 to February 21, 2019. Previously, he served as president of Kazakhstan's national railway company, Kazakhstan Temir Zholy. In 2008 Akar Mamin also held the position of President of the Kazakhstan Ice Hockey Federation.


Askar Mamin graduated from Tselinograd Civil Engineering Institute, Plekhanov Russian University with a specialization in civil engineering and economics. His career began when he became a trusted erector of Tselintyazhstroy. Askar Mamin serves as Deputy Director General of the Union of Innovative Companies of Kazakhstan.

Personal life

Altynai Mamina is the name of Askar Mamin's wife. Altynai Mamina and Askar Mamin have sons and daughters named Daniyar who was born in 1986 and Dinara was born in 1986.


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