Stratocumulus clouds


October 19, 2021

Stratocumulus (Sc) clouds are roll-shaped clouds with colors that vary from gray and bright white, there are parts that have bright gaps from sunlight. Stratocumulus tends to move faster than cumulus clouds and the direction of development tends to be horizontal. Stratocumulus comes from the Latin stratus which means layer, and cumulus which means pile or lump. Stratocumulus clouds can be accompanied by small amounts of rain. Low cloud characteristics usually consist of liquid water droplets which can be very cold, or ice crystals in winter. These clouds can be formed from various causes, among others: by turbulence, convection of unstable air layers with strong upward lift, originating from other cloud types such as Nimbostratus, Cumulus, and Stratus. Stratocumulus can be further divided into species, subspecies, and specialized forms. Stratocumulus species consist of three species, namely: Stratocumulus castellanus, Stratocumulus stratiformis, and Stratocumulus lenticularis. The stratocumulus sub-species is divided into seven sub-species, while the special form stratocumulus consists of three forms.


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