Aceh Flood 2021–2022


January 20, 2022

On December 31, 2021, a number of areas in Aceh were hit by floods.


Aceh Tamiang

As of January 2, 2022, flooding has hit 19 villages in six sub-districts, namely Tamiang Hulu, Bandar Pusaka, Sekerak, Karang Baru, Manyak Payed, and Banda Mulia. More than 4,000 residents were affected by the flood.

East Aceh

Until January 1, 2022, a number of villages in 11 sub-districts were hit by floods, causing thousands of residents to flee. The affected villages are 12 villages in Birem Bayeun, 4 villages in Indra Makmur, 10 villages in Sungai Raya, 1 village in Idi Tunong, 8 villages in Rantau Selamat, 2 villages in East Peureulak, 10 villages in Ranto Peureulak, 5 villages in Julok , 5 gampongs in Nurussalam, 6 gampongs in Darul Falah, and 5 gampongs in Banda Alam. The flood level was reported to be as high as 20–150 cm. Landslides also occurred in Bukit Seulemak, Birem Bayeun, causing the road access to be cut off because it was buried by soil and stones. The next day, the affected sub-districts increased to 14 sub-districts. A child died in a flood.

North Aceh

A child died in a flood. A 50-year-old woman later died. The number of affected districts has increased to 15 districts.


Until January 1, 2022, seven villages in Langsa Baro and Langsa Barat were affected by flooding. Flood heights were reported as high as 40–80 cm.


Floods were reported to have hit on the night of January 2, 2022. At that time, Mane Kareung, Asan Kareung, Kumbang Punteut, and Blang Weu Baroh in Blang Mangat were affected by flooding.


The Indonesian Forum for the Environment in Aceh asked the Aceh Government to immediately establish a provincial disaster emergency status. President Joko Widodo provided assistance in the form of 15 thousand basic food packages. The Aceh Transitional Committee also provided assistance.


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